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Sunday, January 16, 2005



Blue is my favorite color. I also like green, black, grey, and brown.


that picture above of the blue choco chip cookie doesn't look very delicious to me...i heard recently that the colour red is the most appetizing colour so a lot of restaurants will have red in their logo or have red furniture/walls/accessories in their establishments. apparently the colour yellow is not a very peaceful colour. there was a study that babies cry more and couples fight more in yellow rooms!?? i haven't tested that theory personally, but if anyone wants to, please let me know what happens! :) my own favourite colours are blue, some shades of green, pink, and purple, charcoal grey and brown. i wonder what that says about my personality?

Err I mean red and yellow

Hmm i remember something along those lines... where green and yellow are really good for marketing. I forgot the reason, but an example would be all the fast food chains like McDonalds, Burger King, In and Out, Wendys, Arbys, KFC, etc... They all have either red or yellow in their logo.


my favorite colors are white and green. i used to like blue but now i stay away from it. i don't know why. does this mean my personality has changed also?


hmmm I wonder sometimes if this is a natural inclination or a modified result? Do the advertisers evaluate the psychological impact of a color and then push the strategy, or do they create the market plan and then push the subconcious influence.It might be a good idea to see what colors are associated with buying a new car the next time we go in for a promotion..maybe that green suit is just the ticket(guys please think a long time before actually wearing a green suit..varying degrees of green do not actually give you that "rolling in money" look). color psychology is a fascinating tool, but it's still no reason to retire the poor brown M&M's. dammit!

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