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Friday, January 14, 2005




very, very good. Nothing to be concerned about. - http://www.allsteroidsworld.com
What do you think?

Thanks bros


oh my oyaji imagination runs away with me. there is a scene that makes me snicker just in premise. I have never been skiing in my life..I've sledded..snowtubed..gone downhill on my well padded behind..but never had the pleasure of a good shoosh. I wonder if Mari will invite those oversized muppets to loofah..ah but this would be a different site altogether then wouldn't it? that place you feature is plush Mari..I just want to jump on those beds. I enjoyed their bell sound effect..and those chairs were really cool! Maybe one day, I will visit there as well..and eat a hearty oyaji meal.. hey did anyone notice that "Haaaa" sound Mari made?...doesn't it sound like an Oyaji soaking?....:0 must be the Nihonshu talking.


Now that sounds like a great life. Too bad I don't ski. But that shouldn't stop me from the bath and the big meal.

As for fun commercials, when I was in Tokyo in November, Toto (of washlet fame) ran this silly commercial late night about a girl and two oversized muppet-type characters that were "testing" the washlet.

I erupted in laughter at 0100 and I was completely sober! Now that's a fun commerical.

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