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Saturday, January 01, 2005


Claire (クレア)



in seattle we celebrate new years day with a massive hangover...misogi does not exist at the bottom of my absolut bottle as i had imagined..one more theory shot to hell. yes, I think the "whole years plans" thing gets communicated cross culturally..just as the "dont sweep the good luck out the door"..which is my personal favorite. I basically take it to mean I can sit around the house in my undies and watch cobwebs form, or the rose bowl parade (whichever comes first)..until tomorrow at least. 2005...did 2004 fly by or what? So much happened in so little time, it was a blink and a headache all at once. Best of everything to everyone in 2005 we deserve it! now what did I do with my pants?..ooooh tequila!


Happy New Year!

In California, we usually are at or watching on T.V. the Rose Parade & Rose Bowl on New Year's Day.

Hope you have a great year in 2005. ^_^

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