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Friday, January 07, 2005



Hitomi Yaida..stupid "Y"....I have problems with that letter.. I mean.. is it a consonant or a vowel? wretched letter can't even make up its own mind...*grumble* oh I forgot to mention Ami Suzuki..and the ever present Ayumi (so cute), Boa..yeah yeah.. I'm a jpop fan...curse me.


I have not heard a lot of J-POP -- but I do very much enjoy the music of Pizzicato 5!


he heh.. I LOVE Shonen Knife.. I could list about 15-20 of my favorites of theirs right off the top of my head. Though my favorites are: "Zou no Pao Pao" and "Tortoise Brand Pot Cleaning song"--slow version. It's funny that they are not so well known in Japan, but I almost understand that really, they are a very underground kind of band, not the flashy, prepackaged stuff you get from most commercial products. besides that..they are old.. not old as in hags, but they have been in the music business for quite a few years..they are still hot...but then I'm Oyaji what do I know? I enjoy good jacket art..maybe one day I'll have a well-known band request me to do their album cover. I have a couple musician friends already on the list..of course they always want it for free. ;p I want to hear you sing the Cutey Honey theme! How many performances do you give per day? Do as Infinity is pretty cool actually, but I like acts like Globe, Shina Ringo (Shena Riingo), Hitomi Aida, Ayaka Hirahara (what a voice!...oh and she's BEAUTIFUL too), the Pillows (thanks to FLCL and Gainax)I dont know.. it's nice to hear some other cultures version of Pop.. US Pop seems so dismal right now.. I mean, when was the last time anyone sober felt like belting out a Justin Timberlake song??..Okay, Okay.. I'm talking over 20 aight?..and please dont talk to me about Usher..I know he's talented, but honestly, is that all we have? Alicia Keys?.. Usher? Nora Jones held promise....for like one song. Not to say there's not talent in the US scene, but it rarely makes it to the mainstream top ( Modest Mouse seems a current exception) maybe it's like that with Jpop too eh Mari-san? shitsurei shimasu...or something like that. :)

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