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Wednesday, January 12, 2005



hmm it doesn't sound so much a case of domestic violence, or abuse as much as co-dependency. Or enabling behaviour. It is the shape of their love, and it is humorous precisely because the man recognises the source of his despair and loves her dearly despite the fact. It seems the nature of love goes beyond personal sacrifice, and if he felt it necessary to change his woman, then it would bring his whole conflict to a boil, I ask then, would it still be love? If she were exhibiting signs of self-destructive behaviours, then perhaps he could argue for preservation of his love, but this just seems a selfishness. Clearly his woman is enjoying a little role reversal, and I think too, it is a little bit of the opposite. That he would chronicle his experiences seems to indicate that he understands the nature of their relationship, and more than that, embraces it enough to rail at it. It is is his mocking gesture that makes him appreciate and share his appreciation with people. the stronger the reaction..the stronger his claim on love..of course I'm no Psychotherapist..just psycho, but it just seems this way to me. It is nice to find someone to love that much.

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