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Wednesday, January 19, 2005



I think it is no use to be worried for the Japanese food future: I think it is the same all over the World. As long as there will be plenty of good restaurants and good products, people will tend to find these tastes again. Then, it is just a matter of curiosity and "bravery". As we sometimes say in France, "Whoever likes food will be a good chef". I'm convinced that is the way it is.
In more, the most important to be sure of having good meals when we are not skillful is to always have one good chef as friend, or wife/husband!
Fortunately, I don't need that!
Mata ne!


Ah, I like Iron Chef a lot. The TV channel "Food Network" shows it and they recently started an American version called Iron Chef America.


as the often overused, always out of context Nietsche saying goes, "what doesn't kill us makes us stronger..." perhaps it is a test of fortitude. I like the "please try" title..an invitation to the consumer, or does it implore the cook? nice play on words. If someone were to hand me a "Love Apron" I'm not sure if I would feel comfortable trying it on TV..I've heard there are fetish sites...oh no wait..I'm thinking of something else. Nevermind. Personally I almost never use a recipe, unless I am trying to make something for the first time..and even then I am likely to ad-lib a bit and modify it to my taste. The important part is taste & presentation, I think I've said this before..but anyway..sometimes the ugliest dishes taste the best, but it usually seems like an accident at that point. Have no fear Mari, it is youth trying out innovation..just a phase. Thank God for McDonalds!

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