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Sunday, January 02, 2005


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Yes, life needs gratefulness. Gratefulness is not only confined to love, but also to friendship, family bonds, mutual cherishing as well as constant missing each other!

Jordan Hydro

Let you gain plenty of knowledge when you are eating moon cakes.

Yayoi Winfrey

Wow. I just wrote about deadly mochi on my Facebook page, but I wish I had known about the vacuum cleaner hose trick.

Your blog is very entertaining.

I watched Red and White on New Year's with my Japanese mom. Jeros' mother was in the audience crying. It was very touching. I also saw the singer whom you said had a scary face. I love it when she lunges towards the camera. She's very dramatic. I really like Tendo, too. And, btw, was that the actor who played Kondo in Shinsengumi in a J-pop band?

Omedetto gozaimasu!

Your Hip Hapa,



A trip to memory lane. My ma used to make kirimochi when I was a young lad. oishii!


Isn't it interesting that the Koreans eat cakes made from either compacted rice flour or glutinous rice flour on auspicious occasions and also eat soup with rice cakes for their New Year ? The Chinese, of Shanghainese descent, eat Nian Gao, which is also a type of white rice noodle cake, which is cooked in soup or stir-fried, as part of the celebratory Lunar New Year dishes.

Claire (クレア)

But what happens if you have a vacuum that does not have a hose? These are popular in America...

Maybe the solution is to soften the mochi and break it into smaller pieces before giving it to obaasan or otousan, since it seems that many cases of death by omochi occur in the elderly? Or would that be rude?

Those stories remind me of the movie by Itami Juzo-san, Tampopo. In one scene, an elderly man went to a noodle shop and choked while eating his favorite dish. The hero turned him upside down to clear his throat and saved his life.


EEEEWWW I know where my vaccum cleaner nozzle's been. I think choking is preferable. or maybe we could send a spelunking mouse down with a grappling hook..good grief..the nozzle on my vacuum cleaner is too big for my mouth (does anyone really believe that for an instant?)maybe, maybe.. I could swallow a whole pot of hot green tea..it might not melt the mochi, but at least I would get plenty of healthy antioxidant benefits. All in all, the best tact with mochi might be smaller bites. I love it. I especially like it Tokyo style..I'm quite addicted to bonito flakes... I spoon them on my rice, my udon, my oatmeal.. so smoky good..and with a nicely browned mochi, a glimpse of heaven to warm your tummy..assuming it makes the trip..small bites people.. trust me on this. I LOVED the tragi-comically word Mari!! That's some brilliant maneuvering with the Eigo. Sweet Potato! (satsuma imo?)

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