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Friday, January 21, 2005



I think they have the same system in the UK-you pay a licence fee ea. year if you own a telly-that's for the BBC. They're programming is pretty good at least from the BBC shows we get in the USA ("Keeping Up Appearnces" is one of my favorite programs from the BBC)


heh heh..Jonny, angry jonny, this is..sorry, I love that old POE song..what about PBS?..they get funding from corporations (PR stuff), government grants by National Endowment for The Arts, and from the support of "viewers like you" to paraphrase their fundraising catch phrase. The sad thing is, Public Broadcasting is a good idea, but unfortunately people think of it as an opportunity to make it their own cash cow. I have to agree, I would insist on some sort of regulation, some sort of governing board instead of this executive hierarchy, but then they are competing with corporately run networks. I think it is time for people to start web based programming. It is harder to regulate and you could have a larger audience and more variety than some narrow minded marketing major, or grant limited programming could ever aspire to. too there is Riverdance..my gosh it was fun the first couple of times, but enough already! :) web programming onegai shimasu. ;)

Jonny Angel

Yeah, when I lived in Japan I didn't know any gaijin who agreed to pay the NHK fee. This idea of paying a television channel, when they are already paid through advertising, runs contrary to Western thought. Also at odds is the idea of paying a state-run entity money to provide news and entertainment. If it is state-run, then it runs of the potential of being biased. So, it's not surprising gaijin refuse to pay this.

Actually, I'm happy to hear that Japanese will begin to stop paying. I think it's a good development.

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