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Tuesday, January 18, 2005



HAH!! those videos are CRAZY! Soramimi could be a fun mnemonic, if you are trying to learn Nihongo or English. It gets you used to thinking in the pattern of the language...of course it could also leave you mentally disturbed.

Tsk Tsk 2channel..you should know, Kevin was actually adopted. Pat's real brother is none other than Racer X...
You know, rather than trying to catch people at this kind of behaviour, the places conducting the tests could use decoy, misinformation, which looked as legit as the other keywords. It would simply be a matter of applying the original message into different phrasing. It might not stop the behaviour entirely, but it would be effective in limiting its success. a personal message from your friendly neighborhood oyaji kiddies:
"Cheating at anything only makes it easier for you to be cheated." ...and that's one to grow on. ;p

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