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Tuesday, January 04, 2005



I am a Japanese girl living in Tokyo. Apart from Japanese dishes I also love Indian curry. I love to make Japanese curry, but I did not know about how to make Indian curry.

Recently I purchased one great book of Indian curry recipes. And it was so good and simple to follow, now I can make Indian curries and other recipes just the same as any Indian restaurant in Tokyo like Samrat, Ashoka or Maharaja. You can check the book at http://www.indo-curry.com


Hi Claire..sorry for the late reply. been offline fighting computer issues for the common good. It is not Tsukemono per se.. it is (if I'm reading the package right) Fukujinzuke (Fukuzinzuke?). Maruta Shoten sells it, not too far from my house..and Uwajimaya carries it...though good luck finding it online in their store...:( The one I usually buy is from Nitakaya (USA Inc), but there is another available from Akiyama Tsukemon.. it has a variety of pickled, red colored veggies..it adds a nice crunchy counterpoint to the curry spice. Personally it's one of my favorite things about Japanese curry. ;)


I never learnt to like the Jap version of curry rice but I live in Singapore where there are Indian, Malay and Chinese curries.


hi mari!

i love curry!!! i eat curry once a week at this tiny shop that mainly caters to japanese here. its so yummy!

my love for curry is actually legendary that our japanese manager gave me a whole box of specialty curry from the famous curry shops there last christmas. hehe.

before i forget:

akemashite omedetou gozaimasu! kotoshi mo yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

Claire (クレア)

Mari-san, did you see the anime "NieA under 7" by Chiaki Konaka and Yoshitoshi ABe? Looking at Takeshi Kitano's Narinari restaurant website made me laugh...you'll know why if you ever saw that anime!

I will happily sit down with any kind of curry (other than the yellow crud that comes from an American grocery and passes itself off as "curry")--Indian, Thai, Japanese-- and enjoy it. I'm an S&B Golden Curry (hot) woman, though I'll try whatever's on special at Mitsuwa. I like the spicy type best.

Robert, what kind of o-tsukemono do you put on top of your curry?


MMMMMMMM CURRY! OISHI. I like the authentic Indian curry very much, but I also have a warm spot for the Japanese style (never had Euro style..to my recollection). My favorite of the pre-made curry mixes is the House Vermont Style--hot, naturally. I like to sear the meat on a cast iron skillet, and then the vegetables (potatoes, onions, carrots etc.) to pick up the browning that the meat leaves. I'll throw it all into my waterless cookware with the prescribed amount of water, and a teaspoon (5mL approx) of instant coffee to enhance the more subtle spices. Of course you cant be finished until you put the red pickled veggies on top. It makes it so pretty and they are SO TASTY! A nice hot bowl of rice and some steaming curry could warm up any winter day! :p

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