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Monday, January 31, 2005



Hi There

Dali, you mean this?

I am Dali

whoa whoa whoa, no no

that building is not ugly!

i like it.

(by the way, has anybody ever seen that red ladybug sculpture statue in tokyo? i saw a picture of it, but i'm not sure i wasn't dreaming.)


ahhh..like the Asahi "Golden Turd", er flame..like those unfortunate Olympics uniforms, like so many episodes of Pink Lady and Jeff..it is the kind of thing that gives us gaijin hope. For you see, were it not for such Umeboshi buildings, it would appear that the Japanese were a perfect society in every way, and therefore machine-like..now, with these minutes cracks in the facade..we see: "Human afterall" so, yes, it stands out like a sore thumb ( I have two right now..damn Katamari Damacy)but it is a celebration of Japans place in the human world! I say Hurrah! Shine on red blotch, umeboshi of my dreams!..and K.. I LOVE that building!!..but then I'm oyaji..what do I know afterall...
Speaking of which: I really screwed up in Oyaji school today. The teacher was giving us the finer points of karaoke and I broke into a Modest Mouse tune..which got me a stern look and a disapproving nod from sensei, but worse than that I was making fun of sensei behind his back for having so much hair coming out of his ears..then I realized I was the only one who thought it was funny..nobody sat with me at lunch. I hope I didn't make them too mad.(.___.)


Mari, try this one for an ugly building collection:


it's near my office (and so I see it every day unfortunately) and its truly, truly ugly!


that is a pretty funky looking building. those pictures are cool, did you take them? I guess that would become somewhat of an eyesore if you had to pass by it everyday on your way to work.

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