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Monday, January 17, 2005



thanks for sharing about KOGO! i agree with robert, the details in so many aspects of japanese culture are just incredible. maybe similar to HASHIOKI, WAGASHI, OCHADO, BONZAI, wearing KIMONO, KAISEKI meals?? sigh...

not sure if i agree with KOGO being a secret code for kissing OYAJIs though. haha. :)


it's the details... Wow. See? I love this aspect of Japanese Culture! Something commonplace is given a polished aspect, it enhances the entire event. Little things which we take for granted everyday, could be the same. Maybe Kogo is a metaphor for life.
or maybe.....
it's secret code for "Kiss One Good Oyaji"....maybe.
I think so.
do you trust me?<3 <(^0^)>

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