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Thursday, January 27, 2005



making a choice and not making a choice are the same thing. I say cover your eyes and swing, if you hit something, bam! that's fate..or you could choose something like the I Ching or (insert reputable oracle here) to guide you, if you would like a more guided understanding. Personally, I would have gotten a little more involved and chatted up my honey before I went on a message board..it's nice to find objectivity in the words of a stranger, but unless you resolve your communication problems then history, like a nagging spouse, repeats itself and if it's not one issue that splits you up, then it is some other excuse. Love conquers all? sounds cliche, but I believe it, but why make Love do all the work? That would have been my advice..simply take ownership and realize it's two people in a communication crisis. solve it on that level and objectivity is never threatened.
Today in Oyaji school we learned about how to choose the proper hair pomade to achieve "oyaji kusai" and how to get free coffee from Starbucks (though you will need to visit a dry cleaners, or wear your slacks inside out upon successful completion of this task). My teacher says I am advancing fast for a beginner Oyaji. I am quite excited!

Claire (クレア)

Sometimes I can't make up my mind about something, so I choose not to choose, but it's usually about something stupid--this shirt or that one, so it is inconsequential, and I would rather not waste the time.

Other times, I know exactly what I want, so the decision is easy, like when I had to buy a new car. (I ordered it last year, but it came on Sunday.) I knew exactly what I wanted, so I called the auto broker and told her what color, what option package, etc. Toyota Prius is very popular, so you have to wait to get one.

In the uncertain times, when there is no clear path, that is the worst time for me. I don't like making decisions then...

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