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Saturday, January 22, 2005


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The bright fighter is pursue forever, he does not lie in the sky, but in the sunshine under light in the darkness for people to lighten the torch, and make them towards dawn.Do you think so?


Experts say that 10% of us at any one time are suffering from persistent tiredness. Persistent tiredness is more common among women than men. General Practitioners say they regularly see patients who come in complaining of severe tiredness.

As a consequence of our busy and stressful modern lifestyles, most of us will at some time experience tiredness. On most occasions, fatigue can be relieved after a good night's sleep. However, this is not the case for everybody. Some people find that tiredness becomes a chronic problem which undermines their day-to-day functioning - i.e. it significantly affects their quality of life.

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Recovery does the trick of undoing a files that you want back and reconstructing partitions so that data can be accessed once again. The level of recovery that you need depends on whether you drive is functioning properly.


I agree that the concept of aiming for the extremum of the laffer curve assumes that you want to maximize government revenue, but the theory being correct or not doesn’ t really imply that you have to go for it. What I was trying to say in the comment was that if we’ re on the right side of the curve, everybody of any political pursuasion will want to lower taxes because it makes everybody happy, even if you don’ t think we should maximize revenues. Furthermore, if you’ re anywhere near the peak, you get...


Hi! I enjoy your blog! Would like to try some of the things you mentioned! Welcome to my blog too if you have time!


In Singapore, it has become increasingly easy to get satchets of instant breakfast black sesame drink. Mainly Taiwanese brands.

There is a sesame paste (texture looks like peanut butter) made into dipping sauce for Sichuan's famous numbling hotpot 麻辣火鍋.


heh heh..hey Rob..you could read my blog..that always helps me fall asleep...actually I dont have a blog, but you can only imagine the kind of extra strength sedative that might be. ( imagine your startup screen and multiply that by 50)..did I hear snoring? Try Valerian, if you can find it (usually in health food stores) it works pretty well, though I would avoid taking more than the recommended dosage because the next morning you will be all foggy until around mid- afternoon. It stinks, but it works really well. Also the stimulant/depressant balancing act will add to your sleep cycle problems, your body is trying to establish a rhythm and the different mixes are working against your natural cycles. cocoa is magic indeed, but when you get to be Oyaji like me..cocoa becomes a lover with arms tightly wrapped around your midsection so that all your t-shirts fit oddly. Oh we still have the occasional chat, but I only see her, when I am starved for attention. Sweet Cocoa, my comfort, my forbidden love...I remember the times we had, with the marshmallows, that time you decided to have coffee and kahlua with me..wasn't that fun?..Oh I miss you so... (as homework this week in Oyaji class we were told to write a sonnet of some food or beverage item which made us act like love starved teenagers, I think I will write about Cocoa. this exercise is to increase our familiarity with the Oyaji sense of humor, I'm told by the end of this semester I will be able to tell an Oyaji joke and be the only one laughing, which I guess is the point.)anyway rob..that is my suggestion if you like, as for this post, I am both a fan of sesame and of pudding, and I dont think I will wait to become tired before I try this. it sounds quite delicious!
open sesame! *clap clap*...I'm so frickin simple. ;p


uuhhh.. my girlfriend like the kuro-goma stuff.. I'm not a big fan. To wake myself up in the morning, I just grab myself a "Morning Shot" from the vending machine. (I like the commercial with Yurinko) but what I REALLY need is something to make me fall asleep.. Coffee keeps me awake during the day and beer keeps me going at night but when I get home, i can't fall asleep before 2:00! Let me know if you have any advice.
P.S. Do you know the power of Cocoa? Never have a futsukayoi again!

Hi Rob

This is Mari, I checked some on internet. then I have found this three tips.
-drink "banana milk"
-use blue stuff in your bed room
-use Lemon, its aroma works
I hope this work for you.

Jonny Angel

Sesame is kind of popular here in California, too, and sometimes even added to yogurt, like you mention.

Claire (クレア)

おいしいそうです! I really like sesame, but pudding is hard for me to eat because of the milk. Maybe I should try sesame and yogurt instead. Most of the sesame paste here is called "tahini" and is used in Middle Eastern cooking. I have never seen sweetened sesame paste, but I will look for it! I can use such delicious magic often.

Here is a recipe I found in a book called "Inner Peace, Outer Beauty: Natural Japanese Health and Beauty Secrets Revealed" that is supposed to prevent grey hair, nourish hair, and eliminate wrinkles and spots on skin:

1. Roast 15cc of black sesame seeds by heating over medium flame for 1 to 2 minutes in a heavy skillet, stirring constantly. They are ready when they become aromatic. Grind them with a mortar and pestle.

2. Mix 30cc kuzu powder with 300ml of spring water in a nonmetal pan and cook over low flame until the mixture looks thick and translucent. Add sesame and simmer briefly while stirring.

The tea should be thick but easily poured. To thin, add a little boiling water, stirring it in well. Drink as is or with a little kurosato (black sugar) or honey. Take daily for three months or longer.

The author of this book says that "certain black-haired Japanese grandmothers of my acquaintaince claim great success with this method." I have made this, but did not do it for 3 months. I should try doing it for 3 months! It is very tasty, although the kuzu is somewhat expensive and hard to find here.

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