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Wednesday, January 26, 2005


On lupin The Third what is that song that Fujiko sings?: "Mother Father....."?



Fu-G-co Me-ne


hi, can u help me: - i wanted to know how ur supposed to pronounce "fujiko mine" - thanks

Tayla Drago

I like watching Lupin the 3rd series on Adult Swim; I also like the movie Secret of Mamo. It was good. About Mine Fujiko... She's cool; there are some episodes I do trust her, but not when she fools Lupin's heart and betrays him, Jigen, and Goemon for the treasure. That's when I hate her; atl east for Jigen and Goemon hate her a lot. All but Lupin who's madly in love with her, so I can't say I blame the guy for that. Why? I like Fujiko only when she act smart, cares for her lovely Lupin for real (I can tell she does), and when she sings. Although, I hated when Lupin acts like a total pervert to Fujiko at some point. Gross! I say, if Lupin stop harassing Fujiko she would love him a lot than a little. Still, those two were met to be together forever. So I say, Fujiko is half cool for a so call hott female theif and half gross whore. But she means well. Thank God I'm not like her.


what is the name of the video dvd that is shown just below who is fujiko mine? is this dvd avaible? where could i find it?


MMMmmHmmmm Fujikolicious! I'm part Italian, that must explain it. ;p actually I confess, I have never watched this show. I feel so uncultured. I need a hug. please will someone hug this oyaji?..or send me a Lupin lifeline. ;D


Actually, those episodes were from season two...


Yeah, my fave Lupin episodes were the ones that Miyazaki did. One was called "Flight of the Albatross" that involved a big plane, a nuke and Fujiko running around in a skirt and short top with an old Lewis Gun shooting up everything that Lupin and company were eating while she was running from bad guys.

The other was "Farewell lovely Lupin". I think it was the end of the third (?) series? We follow Lupin doing dastardly things for most of the episode until it's revealed that these are impostors and our heroic trio take care of them at the end. There's a Nausicca look-alike and flying machines involved too.

Then of course there's the Chateau of Cagliostro, which I have the Studio Ghibli (R2) version. Still a fun movie even though it's 25 years old!!

Wah, 25 years! And Fujiko dun look a day over 30!

What I liked about Lupin the first series was that catchy theme song. Fun to sing when I've had too much shochu topped off with cans of chu-hi.

"dabi dabi dabi dabi dabi dabi dabi da dum dum Lupin the Thirrrdd."

ha ha ha


Yes! Lupin 3rd is pretty popular here (Miss Fujiko too I guess, maybe 'cos she fulfils Italian men erotic fantasies). Lupin episodes are on air even now on large broadcasting companies or MTV Italy too. Also other characters are famous and there's an Italian rock band named Zenigata (http://www.zenigata.org) after the police captain.

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