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Thursday, January 20, 2005


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Azaryuon Matin

My name is Azaryuon Matin. I am an haiku peot from Afghanistan. I like to read and write haiku. Here is some my latest winter haikus (winter 2008):

In bad wind
it doesn't shake
frozen grass


Black sky
white earth
winter night


It was out
all the cold witner night
snow man

Best regards,




Oh, I looove the buddha head haiku!!! kekeke


sorry i haven't had time to proofread lately...

here's one i wrote in autumn looking at the trees:

old leaves turn brown but
young tips stay green thinking that
good times never end

i tried some supermarket tsukemono the other day, yuk! is there a version of that famous phrase for pickles, like temae zuke? i hope that when you eat tsukemono that you don't eat the pre-packaged brands (shimaya, takanabe). stinky...


what?!..alliteration??!! oh curses.. I suck at this...okay, last try. forgive me haiku gods.

monotone colors
ghost white frost frames softly
winter's mute window

poet in distress
trail of broken adjectives
haiku casualty

now I lay me down to sleep, cuz my haikus are not too deep...:(


revision. heavens me! I was missing two syllables on that second haiku!!! the rules the rules..I will be banned from Haiku Heaven...

monotone colors
white frost blooms softly
winter's mute window

does that count?


grey seattle day
spring in winter rain filled skies
pineapple express

monotone colors
white frost flowers coat
winter's mute window

okay..so I never claimed to be Basho, but I gave it a shot. really enjoyed your choice of Haikus, Mari.
for a moment I almost enjoyed winter..on the happy side it reached almost 60f here yesterday..all that warm moist air from Hawaii.. thank you pineapple express..it promises to get cold again by this evening. :( rain rain go away...

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