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Tuesday, February 08, 2005


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Fear not that thy life shall come to an end, but rather fear that it shall never have a beginning.


Hot Toddy works for AzianBrewer 75% of the time.

Hot Water
Lemon Juice



Hi Scott
Ah my favorite sutff heal and relax at least :-)

HI cecile
Yes so that I will add your method to mine.


for some reason, i believe that eating ice cream will make your cold go away. i've been doing this ever since i was a kid and thankfully, my cold disappears after a scoop or two =)


I'm not sure how drinking alcohol would help you get over being sick. It would probably just dehydrate you and cause more problems. I think a lot of fluids (water, fruit juice, gatorade) and trying to eat of possible is good. Maybe something like zinc cough-drops would help too.


Hi abraxis
Ah you like pizza. I like but it is high caloireis!

Hi Robert
Yes we eat just a roast garlic too. That is very delicious.

Hi Betox
Yes, it can be medicine. So that it we eat much, we will have stmach ache I heard.

Hi Orange
Ah you know me... That is my best way actually.


mmmmmm garliccccccc!!

Tastes great on pizza!


garlic has the added benefit of warding off vampires...but I'm not sure that would be enough to make me try that umeboshi concoction. When I feel under the weather I like the hot tea with lemon and honey, sometimes, for craziness I'll add some ginger,cuz I'm impulsive like that..might try the wine thing though..wonder if I could just go with a peppery red..hey what about white whine? does it make a difference? I have this Chardonnay it says it is buttery with peppery overtones...ah what the hell. cheers!


my sister is studying at the medicine school and she says that the garlic is great for cold and other desseases because of the vitamins and all of that. So, eat garlic =D


a shot of suntori will take your cold away as well.

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