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Thursday, February 03, 2005



I just checked out the full selection of costumes on www.nitta-inc.co.jp and had the best laugh. Hats off to all the models involved - they carry off the gear with such panache!

Jonny Angel

It's funny!!


haha i remember a TV show about the most stupid criminals in the USA it's sooo funny and they all do that kind of things.

Anyway i think it's better hearing about stupid criminals on the news than wars and murders and stuff like that.

The suit.. it's cool. =)


nice! i love stupid criminals. we have our share in the U.S. as well, probably more than other places, we have entire shows dedicated to these freaks. one guy actually went to rob a bank, forgot his mask, found a role of duct tape in his car, and taped his face up, he left eye holes so he could see, but forgot to leave a hole for his mouth. by the time he started to rob the bank, he passed out in the lobby from lack of oxygen. unbelievable!

and yes, that entire fit suit..........strange indeed.

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