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Saturday, February 05, 2005



Hi Arnand
Yes, how can I say...what a kind of meaning we attach in each day? that is the problem. Anyway If I allow me to eat big great lunch in only Monday. Monday can be pretty nice day to me.

Hi Robert
Yes I should add that one. I wanted to remind it, but I forget the title.


Despite Monday has been sad or whatever else, there was also some "Bloody Sunday" or "Ruby Tuesday"... So, even if it is not very easy to come back to work on Monday morning (especially after good parties during week-end...), it remains a day like the others and a good opportunity to set the objectives for the coming week.
So, no blue Monday but one enjoying talking about the week-end with colleagues and deciding what to within the week!
Let's make this day another good day!


what about "I dont like Mondays" by the Boomtown Rats? man...shikata ga nai..suicide sux. Just do what you love people. forget about trying to win the race. it's fixed. the only one who wins is the one filling up the grandstands and selling the tickets. Monday is just the day after Sunday if you are following your heart. trust me on this. :)

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