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Monday, February 07, 2005



Hi Robert
One giri sounds like Onigiri? ha ha ha you are so funny.

Hi Orange
In the U.S you do not have any spam on your cell? That is great.

Hi BLue thing,
twin sisters? Hmm I don't know. What is that? Japanese movie?

Hi Jonny
I saw three dramas and two movies. But the original book was the greatest, I can tell.


personally I like those two word titles, in fact I think Hollywood should start using it as part of their formula..maybe then we'd actually start seeing some creative writing..the Odor, the Stank, The Sock..or would all the movies start carrying the same title? (at least then we'd know we'd already seen it...was that Paycheck?..or the Bourne Identity?..oh I hate movie trivia lately! heh heh..that one giri thing made me want to read your rice ball post again..spam always..now there's a horror movie!
Good Lord, now they're doing remakes of remakes..has Hollywood truly run out of ideas? Soon we will be paying $15 (USD) to watch infomercials for 90 minutes..let us pray that it wont be a Dakota Fanning "Kiki" ne? please?


i agree, can't live without cell phone. i freak whenever i accidentally leave it at home. thank God, i never get those one-giri calls; hopefully they don't start up here in the U.S. those movies look scary, i can imagine getting a call in the middle of the night after seeing one of those would be pretty creepy!

Small Blue Thing

Greetings from Spain!

That film is being released nowadays here. It doesn't look like 'Ringu' or another japanese films I liked. In some weeks we'll be able to look 'Twin sisters' _Is the original film title like this?

Blue Thing

Jonny Angel

Oh yeah, I saw The Ring -- it was great!

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