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Monday, February 28, 2005


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I admire Japanese culture, they are so different from other countries. In the first cake that comes to my mind it's chocolate, but I didn't know that Japanese people likes sweet desserts, I thought that they just like to eat healthy food.


I really admired the Japanese culture, it's so clean and a lot of order, maybe is the tendence to have a excellent presantation, you know to get wife/husband, to be considered for a job, the education, all these elements help Japanese people to form this culture.


In America, when we say "shortcake" as in "strawberry shortcake" we really mean angel food cake used specifically for making this "strawberry shortcake." If it's not for this purpose, it's just angel food cake.


Usually it's eaten as a snack, rather than made as a whole cake, in which case the "cake" would be miniature (approximately the size of your palm) and would have a bottom to form a cup. You would then put strawberries inside it and top with whipped cream (though I do like to put vanilla ice cream at the bottom of the cup).

Any other cake used to make this would simply be "strawberry cake." I really like the Japanese style of cake making and decorating, so I'm eager to try it out for myself. While American cakes can be decorative, I don't believe we're as imaginative as other countries and I really love fruit! I'd actually never seen cakes like these until I saw them in an anime (and then various K-/J-dramas). I also like the whipped cream "icing" of Asian cakes more than the regular American icing. American icing is way too sweet!

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Ms. Ngamta Praphanakpitak

please you inform for food and cake
in TV CHAMPION . because we want to take
eat. thanks you every much


What Mari said can be true but it's not usually the way I have seen it. I live in West Virginia and the way we have always made strawberry shortcakes is on spongecake.

Usually you buy them in packs of four small round cakes like this but without the topping and much smaller. I would say that they're about three inches in diameter. You can also make your own but usually we do it the quick way of buying :). We don't usually eat elaborate ones. We just put some strawberry glaze on the mini-cake, put some chopped up strawberries on it, and top it off with whipped cream. For me and my relatives such an elaborate cake isn't the norm.

When watching anime I saw those yummy looking Japanese strawberry shortcakes. I would loooove to try one (strawberries are my favorite fruit). They look so tasty! I want to be able to make a pretty cake like that.


Hi Libby
Thank you for the cake link, I understand strawberry cake in the U.S.
Yes me too, I did not know well about shortening. and I was surprised to know short cake came from shortening. It would be good to challenge the U.S strawberry cake.
Thank you for your good information.

Libby Cone

The older version of strawberry shortcake uses biscuits (American biscuits are different from English biscuits. A "biscuit" in England is a "cookie" in America. A "biscuit" in America refers specifically to a roll that is made with baking powder instead of yeast; its texture is halfway between cake and bread. It is more popular in the American South than in the North. The word "short" is used because the biscuit is made with "shortening," a term for any butter or other solid fat that actually keeps the flour from forming long strands of gluten. I didn't know this technical meaning of the word "shortening" until recently. This is a recipe for the older version of strawberry shortcake: http://www.alanskitchen.com/DESSERTS/Print/p_Strawberry_Short_Bisc.htm

It uses Bisquick, a popular American baking mix that contains flour, baking powder, and shortening. You can still find the older version of shortcake in restaurants that make old-fashioned foods (and probably more in the American South), but the cake-type is more popular. The last cake you showed would probably be called "strawberry cake" because it looks like the strawberries are only on the top, and the cake has a more elaborate frosting.

Now that we have had dessert, let's talk about main dishes. In the late winter in America, a freshwater fish called shad is briefly available. The fish and its eggs, or "roe," is a delicacy in the US. It is available only briefly, unlike most foods that are available for long periods of time. My husband does not like it, so I either make it for myself or I have it in a restaurant. We went to a restaurant last night; it was on the menu, so I ate it. It was delicious!



Hi Cecile
Please visit Jiyugaoaka, that town has many good cake shops. Anyplace would be nice and delicious.


hi mari! i love strawberry shortcake!! i might visit tokyo soon. where can i find the best shortcake? thanks =)


yep.. got it. since i never get to practice japanese with my mom, i never get to call her "haha" :) thanks for the clarification.


Hi Gwen, for me strawberry short is too sweet. I am Japanese sweet lover, I need natural sweet. :]

Hi robert
You are funny anyway.

Hi Gleek
When I talk about my mother to others, I will say my Haha to them, but when I talk to my mom, I never say Haha to her. I hope you understand this.


Strawberry cream cake
おいしい~ ;_;


HA HA!!! :) But then my mom would think I was laughing at her all the time....oh but wait, I do. Ha! Ha!! perhaps I have been simply speaking Japanese all this time and I was unaware..or just criminially insane with a cruel streak. BWAHAHAHAHA!! ( does that mean dad?) |*_*|


no one calls their mother, "haha"? or is that old fashioned? that's what we learn in japanese class. you call your mother "haha" and other people's mothers "okasan".

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