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Friday, February 18, 2005


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It has been awhile since I checked this site. I found out from one of my cousins that our Koga family kamon is two crossed hawk feathers in a circle. We may be relatives! My aunt had a 100th birthday celerbration a year or two ago where I met relatives I never met until that day.


My son is getting married and I thought it would be a nice gift to present him with his Ka-mon.
Can you please help me with finding the Ka-mon for KOMODA

Thank you

Clarence Chatman

Hi my name is Clarence Murasaki Mukai Chatman can you find my family crest for Mukai?

Stormie Hamamoto

I have my family crest but do not know what plant it is from and your website is not in english so I am having trouble reading it...soooo, if you could tell me the crest name for Hamamoto, I would be very happy.


Are there companies in japan that can source your Family Kamon?

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kamon commentor

Some of you sound keen on discovering the kamon of various families that you are related to (related by marriage to the [----] family, or maybe you are a blood relative member of the [----] family)

My wife has always known the family kamon of her family, because it was framed on the wall, and it appeared on various objects of importance scattered throughout her childhood household.

When we went from Tokyo to visit her uncles, aunts and cousins by the mountains near Himi, I noted that the family home had giant curtains drawn back across the front door. These giant heavy curtians (almost 2 stories tall) bore the kamon. Inside, there were old-timey silver print photos of older family members, wearing the kamon on their kimonos (black or dark blue kimonos with a small kamon very tastefully stitched on the front of each shoulder).

I think that those who are doing research into their family histories will find these kamon "popping up" in photos and sometimes on family heirlooms if you just keep searching.

I hope the common occurrence of kamon encourages you to keep looking, and try re-connecting with some distant relatives.

Find some (younger or elderly) relatives and get in touch! People are amazingly nice once they figure out you aren't "trying to get something from them", and that you are just trying to learn about a history you share with them.

It is a beautiful thing! Good luck!


As for "making your own kamon", I suppose someone could make a kamon of their own styling. Surely others have done it (I mean, where'd all these kamon come from to begin with, right?) It seems like it is "fair game" to make a kamon.

I think it is kind of a nice way to think about this important symbology: Maybe the family legacy begins with your generation!

I would just hope that you try not to tread too heavily on existing designs. These particular (existing kamon) symbols have serious meaning, and are part of a living concept of family and duty which exists to the modern time. I'm not talking about samurai and shogun and Hollywood depictions of yakuza.

The duty to carry on in the name of family is very important. My wife is an ultra-modern 'big city girl' (the world's biggest city: Tokyo (downtown)). But she prays at the shrine in our house every day, giving respect to the various framed photos of relatives who have passed away.

Along those lines, the kamon aren't treated as a mere anachronistic reference to bygone heraldry. They appear at today's shops and businesses that were built over generations. They adorn shrines to the dead. They are symbols reminiscent of the sweat and blood of those who came before and got us to where we are today.

The kamon speak not only of long ago generations. They also reference grandfather, grandmother, father and mother.

So I hope you will make *beautiful* kamon!

Bart Metsu

I was wondering if you could find the kamon for Metsu? I have relatives in Japan...
I know there is a kanji for metsu but i want the kamon for Metsu. Please find it...

greetz Bart Metsu


RE: crests. If i am not mistaken but not all families have crests. After the Meiji restoration all families were able to "create" and use crests but mainly only Samurai, Diamiyo and Nobility had original crests. This may be why it is so hard to find family crests.


Stanley, my grandfather's real parents were from fukuoka (he was adopted). His last name was Koga before he took on his adopted parents' name. I was wondering if you made any headway into finding the Koga kamon? We might be relatives! Leave a comment on this page if you read this and maybe we can work together.


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Sandy Musashi

Hello, my name is Sandy Musashi. My grandfather and grandmother were from Kumamoto ken in Kyushu. Can you confirm our family crest. Thank you.

harry keane

the are the best japanese kamon i have seen in my life they are so decretive they were used by samuri in 1300AC-round about 1500ACthey were to make them selvs stand out from there suroundings that is why they are in black and white PS can you tell me if the would fight in armys or on there own. by


Hi! I am trying to do some tracing of my family tree. I only know a very little to go with. My grandfather is from Fukuoka, somewhere close to the Kumamoto border along a river. My family name is Koga and I believe the family kamon is of two crossed hawk feathers. The family history is said to go back to the beginning of Japan if I could find the information which would only be in Japanese. Any leads on how I can go about tracing my background will be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


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Don't know if anyone can help...
I've read that in the late Tokugawa era it was fashionable among sumo wrestlers to wear kimonos patterned with a cherry branch, a sword and an oar. And apparently when pronounced out loud and fast sounds like ‘I love a fight’. If anyone has any more info I’d love to know more.

Paul Aoki

You can try Designs 'N Gold in Hawaii. There website is http://www.designsngold.com They offer Japanese kamon research.

Skye Powell

I am searching for my family's family Kamon. Does anyone know where i can find it? I have found one of them on a komono given to me from my great-aunt, but i am unsure weather or not it is my family crest. I do know that my grandmothers brothers last name was Ohsato. If anyone knows anything, please let me know.


hi does anyone know where i can find my family mon? i wanted to get my family crest tattoed because i truly admire my japanse culture, my last name is HASHIMOTO.

mikio akima

i have a project due and i was wondering what my crest was. i think its the eagle feathers. my last name is akima. thanks for the help


I wrote in a few months ago regarding my family crest. My last name is Atagi and I was curious if there were any other Atagi clans in Japan. I know of only one. If it is the only one, is it likely that we have the same crest?

John Brown

I came across a jewelry website that does Japanese crest research. The website is designsngold.com

They may be able to help those trying to find their family crest.


I'm trying to find the family mon for ASAMURA, and the ancestors that would have it has all past, any help would be greatly appreciated. All I know is that my great grandparents came to Hawaii from the Yamaguchi prefecture


I'm trying to find the Tanabe mon/kamon for our wedding, and the ancestors that would have it has all past, and no one seems to known. Does anyone know the Tanabe mon?

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