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Tuesday, February 22, 2005


funny slippers

Slippers are an incredibly personal item that should be chosen carefully and without too much input from others. We don’t claim to know what you like, we just know what’s good, what won’t deteriorate when your dog practices retrieving, and what looks great with PJ bottoms and boxer shorts.

puma speed cat

Great write up. It is indeed the chance encounters with friends that can be really enjoyable.


Hi Gwen
Yes, the King is crazy. He says Caramel is delicious or such useless advice right?

Hi B
yap, a kind of chaos....

Hi Tom
You gave me a good hint to me. Thank you very much.


I bought the game last year and finished beating that game in the same day! ^^ I thought it was very very funny. Especially the King, his attitude is great! Of course I played the game in English ... but the songs are still in Japanese. Hmm I love the song that is sung by children the most - 16 「さくらいろの季節」

It has a happy beat. My favorite is to roll up a lot of takoyaki! I think they have dorayaki in there too, and slippers. I also like to roll the people, it's enjoyable because you can't do that in real life!


It's like the Little Prince meets Greek mythology in the surrounding of a Japanese city. Very cool!


As usual - a wonderful post!! Thanks so much for all the info, very helpful. I will be checking all of your links now! :-)))

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