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Thursday, February 24, 2005



MMMMMMmmmm.*chomp* wha?.. oh I'm testing that theory right now. Working hard on finding a cure for junk food poisoning...then I will try to tackle obesity, since it seems to be a rapidly growing problem. (O__o)


Hi robert
We may make immunity for poison acquired by junk food?


Doraemon ice cream is Cat flavored....I think. :0
everyone should eat Umaibo. as Nietsche is oft misquoted.."what doesnt kill us..." think of it as health inducing junk food. eat enough and it will trigger the gag reflex..and thereby cleanse the system..or clog your arteries and cause heart failure...I get back to you on this theory. maybe.

personally I like eating real natto.


Hi cecile
Doraemon Icecream??? I have never heard that. What flavor it has?

Hi Orange
no i hardly eat junk food. I am not nervous, they are not delicous for me.

Yeah, I do not like them too.


sometimes they sell it in japanese groceries here and i've found that kids usually buy these. I don't know if they buy it for the taste or for the colorful packaging though. The Doraemon-look alike is kind of confusing. i like doraemon ice cream, hehe.


do you eat many of those things?


I used to eat it when I was little! They import it to Malaysia. I didn't like it very much though. :(

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