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Thursday, February 17, 2005



I heard that people who wanted to eat something at the airport during the day of "rakuseishiki" had to wait for 6 hours because there were too much people.


Hi Iris
I love coffee lover. I like starbuck coffee. The problem is everytime I order different one, I can not tell what is my favorite. I can not remember name and taste.

Hi Clair
Chicago to Nagoya is about $600? Hmm it is almost same as a return ticket to Hokkaido from Tokyo. If I want to see snow. I would rather Cicago than Hokkaido. Yes, when you come to Tokyo, let's go to Nice Japanese cafe. and eat Japanese sweet. How do you think?


Claire: Thanks for your Starbucks comments, although I was actually wondering more about the popularity of Starbucks in Japan. I'm not a big coffee drinker but when I do have coffee I never go to Starbucks, but I'd probably check one out in Japan just to see the differences.

Claire (クレア)

American Airlines has very cheap tickets to Nagoya right now, if you can get a direct flight. For example, you can go from Chicago to Nagoya and back for USD$563, including tax! 本当に安いでしょ。I am hoping to go, although I am not planning to see the Aichi Expo.

Iris, Starbucks in Japan is almost exactly like Starbucks in US, except there is one drink there that is not sold in America, the Matcha Creme Frappucino. To me, it's very strange to go to Starbucks--you step out of Japan and back into America. There are better places to get coffee in Japan, I think. The coffee and the atmosphere are better at other kissaten...unless you really want a Matcha Creme Frappucino.

I guess I'm a little strange--I tend not to keep the same habits when I go to Japan as I have at home. Why go halfway around the world to drink the same coffee you can drink in America?


Sorry Mari, I didn't leave my name before. I was curious about the Starbucks. I remember that the 7-11 in Japan was more fun than the 7-11s in NY!

I went to the Centrair website in English and there were quite a lot of shops and restaurants! I noticed several Starbucks. How popular is Starbucks in Japan? Here in NY it seems there is a Starbucks everywhere you look! I would be interested to see how different the menu of Starbucks in Japan is from the NY menu...or maybe it is very similar.

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