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Wednesday, February 09, 2005



Hi Mari!

I thoroughly enjoy your post :) it has been some while since i visited though.
I just saw an article the other day on meiwa denki in Wired magazine. It is very interesting to me and so I´m overjoyed that you posted a link to Tosa san´s website. keep up the good work Mari.

best regards,

Hi Libby
Thank you for your nice offer, yes when you have spare time and find *mark in the end of my blog. Please just copy page and give me your proofreading. Thank you.
You are so kind.

Hi Orange.
ha? You don't have three weekend till may?
Hmm Japan is not a country for working bee anymore.
Love it! I know Hockey game, but it is not big in Tokyo.
We have a few place actually.

Libby Cone

Hi Mari,
I like your blog very much. I travel to Japan as often as I can to see my friends in Tokyo, Hakodate, and Sapporo. I want to return soon to enjoy MY foodlife; when I went last summer I took my ten-year-old niece and ten-year-old cousin; all they would eat was ebi-ten!
Are you still interested in proofreading? I do not have a lot of free time to do it, because I am trying to start a medical proofreading business. Your first sentences would read better as:
"This Friday is the general holiday 'National Foundation Day.' I love three-day weekends. One day to relax, one day to exercise, one day for entertainment; that's my plan.


We don't have a three day weekend till May, Blaaaaahhhhhhhhh! Oh well, I'm going to a CHL Hockey game this weekend, so it will be fun. Is hockey big in Tokyo?

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