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Sunday, February 06, 2005



Hi abraxis.
Yes Kobe beef seems to be famous in the U.S but! in Japan Matsuzaka beef is more famous I think. I heard Kobe Brian has that name because his dad like Kobe beef. It is a little funny story.

Hi Johnny
You are vegetarian! So that I can see such nice vege food on your site. Ah now I got it!


Mmmmm. Beef bowl. Yum. When I was at USC, we had a Yoshinoya nearby. Had a LOT of gyudon.

But that veggie bowl? Yeech. First it looks dumb. And second, no pesticides for me thanks. Only for the American market lah!

That last part was in response to the first comment. But that veggie bowl does looks stupid. And Kobe beef is yummy! Had it in (gasp) Kobe. But really really really expensive. But it was soooooooooo goooooooood!

Jonny Angel

Yeah, even as a vegetarian, I must admit that the Yoshinoya veggie bowl looks stupid.

Yoshinoya.......sounds good, but I'll pass. No madcow for me. Has Japan banned banned US beef for good? I've never had Japan's domestic beef (is it called Kobe?) but i hear it's delicious.

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