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Monday, March 28, 2005



Hi Gio
Coccolino! It sounds so retty for us. but appearently Latin word. They change their brand name in each area. That is smart way too.

Hi brenda
Yes Yuck for me too.

Hi Charles
Thank you for that link.... Hmm basicaly they are bat?

Hi orange
Impact! That is they want to make for customer?
Actually pain is stronger than joy. People can forget happiness or relax but harly forget pain or uncomfortable.

Hi icpmat
I agree, my friend like South Park so much, they are so ironic and shows many social issue too for me. Even short four-frame cartoon on news paper ( four frame cartoon is the style for news paper )do not show any attitude for politic basically. They have cute face and make small smile people in the morning. I feel Japanese have little interest in politics. And we tend to be embarrased to talk about politic.


we got too the one in the pic of the post (apparently called FAFA). Here is called (for the same kind of product I guess) "Coccolino" (コッコリーノ). It looks かわいいいい。


That Quiznos character scares me. What is it supposed to be?




I like the spongmonkeys. Here's the original animation that inspired the Quizno's commercial:



I remember when those Quiznos characters first came out, didn't really make me want to buy a sandwich. Quiznos has always been a little strange, at the one near my house, they always have people dressed up in random costumes dancing along the sidewalk during lunch time. Perhaps they should make their workers dress up like Gollum everyday, that should bring in the business.


it seems to me that most of these japanese corporate cartoon characters, with their big eyes and neutral facial features, are there to elicit feelings of comforts and sympathy from their targeted markets. corporates in the west don't seem to use cartoon icons to the same extent , and if they do use one (can only think of those ones on cereal boxes), the targeted audience tend to be children.

both simpsons and south park are right wing cartoons aiming more at the adults, and the characters tend to have much stronger (political) message associated with them. so in that sense they are very different from icons like hello kitty, which basically has no intrinsic personality slant of any sort.

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