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Wednesday, March 09, 2005



Hi Robert
I think you can make very cool, actually the coolest helmet in the world with your painting or photos... I really want you to paint to my such ugly helmet.

Hi Abraxis
You are trying to come Tokyo. That is great. Anyway Big cities has to bigger rist because of its population and traffics. But Tokyo is special anyway, please get a helmet frist here. :-p

Hi Julian
That is correct. Gozilla, mossla, Mosters of Ultrama.

Hi Bjorn
I am not sure this is true or not, but unfortunately we can trust buildings that is built up in last 10 years or so. In bubble years, construction company had a lot of demmands, so I heard they cut cost and skip some job. Before bubble some will be okay, but some do not have enough strength. After Awaji Hanshin big earthquake, the building standards got to be strict. So the buildings that are built up after 2000. Only these are okay.


oh my gosh!!! that's it! Mari.. it's Godzilla. that's why the index is so high. Maybe it's time that monster took his wrestling act elsewhere. ®rz~*



I have been to all five of these cities...
I have lived in two (SFO, LAX)
I am frequent visitor to the remaining three
I'm trying to move to Tokyo.

Yah, am I just drawn to dangerous places or what? =)

Julian Morrison

In many films, monsters destroy Tokyo. And in history, earthquakes destroy it. Perhaps Tokyo is a special sort of city that's meant to be destroyed every so often? It reminds me of Ise shrine that gets torn down and rebuilt every 20 years. A very Japanese sort of thing!


hmmm earthquakes. probably one of the most unnerving natural disasters because there is no place to get away from it unless you can fly. Personally, if I am in Tokyo when the "BIG ONE" hits.. I only require my trusty L.E.U. (Lip Extension Unit) so I can kiss my butt goodbye, because I would surely be one of those unlucky souls found under a pile of ex-skyscraper. Does it worry me? Will I cancel my vacation plans? Oh hell no! I get the bonus of an R.A.F. (Risk Avoidance Factor...and why the hell am I talking in acronyms today? You'd think I worked for the government or something.)Kind of like visiting an art gallery and a theme park at the same time. That thrill of knowing at any moment a bull could run straight through the China shop...that would be the porcelain and not the country for those of you not familiar with that colloquialism. Should I buy a helmet with a target on it? Would that be considered performance art?


Yes, we also have helmets at work - in very fashionable gray. I have to admit that I like the monthly medium sized earthquakes. They shake rather gently and I want to believe that they take away some tension from the tectonic plates. I really wonder how many buildings would be damaged in the next big one - all the new buildings are supposedly quake proof, right? I heard fresh water supply was a problem for the people in Kobe last time, so I've got several liters stored (+earth quake kit). But then again, who knows how much it will help. In the mean time - I think living in Tokyo feels pretty safe.
BTW, I guess in the worst case you could swim across Tamagawa?

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