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Thursday, March 31, 2005



I don't need much space. In fact, I feel my studio apartment is big enough for two people. I'm glad to have it though.


Hi robert
Ha ha ha Sorry. just you are funny. I am not sure, you seem to enjoy acting like Oyaji.

Hi David
Arigato. If this land is big, we would not have such furniture or idea. But still Japanese would try to fix the things.

Some people can relax being surroneded things. My friend likes a room like a cockpit. (of course not cool like that, he can reach TV, PC, beer, instant ramen, socks etc,. )

Hi Charles
Ha ha no car in garage? 25box of book. Ah actually why the Englis book is so big? As you know Japanese bunkobon is 2/3 of the English paperback.


funny, yes. But in a "that's ingenious!" way. Space efficiency is definitely to be admired...although some of those were "over-the-top" but still clever.It's important to conserve, and an expression of this can be carried into our daily lives in this manner. An uncluttered room is like an uncluttered mind. It provides the area for something to occur. Not only that it's great when you get your phreak on...more room to thrash about like a wild animal......uh..please disregard that last part. (¯____¯) heh heh...my oyajiness is nearly out of control. I overheard some younger girls talking about me the other day..( I have really good hearing for an old guy) I was about 50 or 60 ft away and they said "look at that old guy with the long hair" (hey I'm growing it for a good cause okay??!!).."ooh he looks like Mr Burns(from the Simpsons)." the other girl said.."No more like a fat Michael Bolton." .....
my playboy image shattered I just wanted to go home and cry into my pillow, but it had a headache..just my luck.
Ah Time you are cruel to the male ego!!! CURSE YOU!!!

hehx-uhlent ®rz


Very cool -- I love organization and storage creations! I have always read that Japanese homes are rather small and that residents often use clever techniques and furniture to organize well. I only wish that I could do a better job of organizing in MY house!


I am single with a 3 bedroom house and I still can't fit all my clothes and shoes and stuff inside the many closets and cabinets. I guess people tend to buy more than necessary when they think they have space...


My house would drive you crazy. I used to live in a huge artist's loft in an industrial building, the elevator was big enough to lift a car. Now I have to cram all the stuff that filled my loft into my tiny house. I have 25 boxes just of books sitting out in the garage since I have no place to put them, and I've probably acquired 10 more boxes of books since I moved here. I have a full darkroom, a 8x8 foot worktable, huge paintings, and more stuff I can't even get in through the door so it's all sitting out in the garage. The only thing NOT in my garage is my car!

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