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Monday, March 21, 2005



haha. Walking on two legs isn't a simple task!

it only seems simple. our bodies just make it LOOK easy.

so many millenia of evolution got all the kinks worked out, solved the physics, programmed the articulators. it's all very elegant, isn't it?

representing a 3-dimensional world using only the input from two eyes is pretty complicated too, but our heads do it marvelously.

i think robotics-engineers have their work cut out for them.


Hi Bjorn
Thank you for your link, I like to see robot.


Hi Mari,
I agree with you completely on the Matrix issue, as I was also completely disappointed by part 3.
Anyway, another walking 'robot' features in
"The Wrong Trousers" with Wallace & Gromit, maybe you know it?
This one I find actually quite funny.


I like the Dora in this shade of baby blue, really kawaii.

Hi Rob
Thank you for interesting link. You will go Aichi Expo? Please update on your nice blog.

Hi Claire
yes yse I remember Labor in Patlabor too! Sasuga Claire, you know very well.

Hi ulfur
Thank you, robot. The words itself has a kind of our dream.

Hi Orange
Thank you for nice link. yes yes I read that news. It is funny.


Yeah! Me and the GF are planning to go down to the Expo later this summer! I saw a preview of some of the attractions on NHK the other day. One thing that looked really cool was this huge "eartha-tarium" thing (yeah.. I just made up that word). It's like big spherical movie screen that you enter into on this raised platform (think about Professor X's big mental-power-amplifying-sphere) but instead of looking at stars, you fly around the earth and into the ocean and stuff.. Even watching on the TV screen, I could feel my stomach drop because of how real it looked.

Anyway.. about the robots.. yeah well. Apparently the plan is to develop robots advanced enough to take the place of nursing home.. nurses and factory laborers. (no really.. read it on the internet so it's gotta be true.)
"Quick! Act fast or we'll be forced to bring in more Filipino nurses and Iranian labor!"
"Yeah, good idea! And also let's try to nip the problem in the bud by paying girls 1 million yen if they have a 3rd baby!"

Anyway, robots are cool. The Expo is cool. And I'm about to go out for a few cool ones!

Claire (クレア)

I like them! They remind me of the Labor in Patlabor. (I enjoy that anime, especially the movie WXIII, although you do not get to see the mecha so much.)

I think the BBC are jealous because they have not invented anything like that in Britain. It may not be very cool to drive a Toyota, but I really like my Prius.

Is Qrio a toy like Aibo? Asimo is the size of a 9-10 year old child, but the picture of Qrio at Sony's website makes it look like a toy...I am a little confused...


lovely robot post!!

seeing the "walker" robot was really funny, kind of kitsch presentation i agree. It does not move so fast either. the exoskeleton idea is fun to see "kind of realized". reminds me also of the lifter in the Aliens movie. like so many robot realizations from japan you could see it work for the elderly.

the spring happening on your front page is beautiful by the way


I think these robot-vehicles will only fly in Japan, sort of like this: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/4361563.stm

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