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Tuesday, March 22, 2005


jordan 7

For example Ikebukuro is very competitive place of rotating sushi shops. it will be interseting to check them all in the same item and find your best place.


I wish I found your site earlier. I was in Tokyo last week... :-(


Yes Huang
They have some sho-something restaurants series in Ebisu. One of them Japanese bbq, one of them is a new type Korean? then one of them is sushi bar. Sushi bar is in opposite side of Westin. Another two are in Westin side.


Should be Ebisu, that's where Westin is located right ?


Hi Jo
Yes, when you come here, please let me know, i can introduce more and more..

Hi Huangsy
You stayed at Ebisu?? really. Yes that sushi place is new one. So many restraunt disappear and open there.

Hi Gwen
Oh you have a baby? Congratulation!! I hear it is hard to eat rice during prangant. Ochazuke and umeboshi! That is nice.

Hi Simina.
Ah I wish you could eat them in Sweden too


ok, let me write down this...I'll used this precious infos when I'll go...


I stayed at Ebisu area the last time I was in Tokyo but I don't think I know how to locate Shoei even with the online map.


You're talking about such lovely sushi, but I can't eat it while I'm pregnant! ひどい~;; Which brings a question, in Japan, when women get pregnant, do they eat any raw fish at all? What do they mostly eat? I ate lots of うめぼし と おちゃずけ when I was sick with morning sickness. It felt so good! Especially for umeboshi tea, just ume and hot water. ^^


...i whish i was living in Japan....(i know...)

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