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Tuesday, March 08, 2005



The last time I went to Tokyo, I could not locate any Okonomiyaki eating place. I really love this pancake stuff.


Hi Libby
Ah really, when I check dictionary, they show me this word. Hmm interesting. I will check some site, how they call it. Thank you for this interesting information.

Hi AzianBrewer
Habu sake. Habu is the most dengerous snake in Japan. The poison will be important for snake alchole. I like to drink and I have a lot of interesting to good alchole, now my boom is whisky. But recently I have found I like wine much. ( I did not drink wine before, because it make me drank a lot)

Libby Cone

Your mention of Shirako (I think the correct term for it is "milt" or "sperm," not "roe." "Roe" comes from the female and "milt" [a word used only for fish] or "sperm" comes from the male) made me nostalgic. I was friends with a Japanese woman for over twenty years. When I visited her and her husband in Japan, they always tried to take me to restaurants that served unusual food. We had Shirako in a place in the Susukino district of Sapporo; it had a very delicious sauce. I thought it was brain until they told me what it was. It was very funny! My friend died last autumn, and I still remember that dinner and shared the memory with her husband.


There a type of sake in Okinawa that is infused with snake. It's quite similar to the Vietnamese snake brandy. Never had it before so can't contribute any comment.


Hi robert
How many time I see your mark, I have to laugh. That is pretty cool and funny. Anyway I have a big stomach, I can eat but I do not because I am very easy to gain weight. If god give me use other's stomach temporary ( toungue and brain is mine) I can eat every menu in the restaurant. I feel like that.

Hi Gwen
Yes it is hell and pleasure to see such review when I am hungry.


the toughest part about writing a restaurant review is not spilling junk all over your laptop. Other than that, I say be creative. Adjectives are our friends. Oh and I dont mean to use the same old tired "food expert words"..you know.."piquant, spicy, sour, flavorful..." boring.. I like to read action. example: " The teriyaki chicken must have spent its early childhood in some sodium laden closet, panting thickly against a sickly sweet breach of garlic laden sincerity, release was swift and charbroiled. Adding a few years onto my life I quickly stole a sake quenched kiss of Awamori and made my way like a testosterone baked adolescent into the waiting bed of my mistress Tofuyo. She saw through my ineptly crafted pick-up lines immediately but sated me nonetheless. Her charms were many and reminded me of my hot rubber high school days playing Shirako by the train tracks, so elastic, but with a clarity that, despite the detriment to my playboy pocketbook felt light like the wind deftly winding a ribbon at the base of my soul, though the raw beef sushi made me want to yack a Yak.." etc.. not perfect, but you get the picture...or do you? Pictures are important too...hmm maybe the toughest part of writing a restaurant review is finding the room to eat THAT MUCH FOOD!!! Good Lord..that Man must have a hollow leg! ®rz~!


oishii ;_; too bad I can't eat raw now ... maybe in another 7 month ^_^;

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