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Tuesday, March 15, 2005


deepika srivastava

I saw your post about the Hikikomori

I'm writing to let you know about 'Hermit,' a short film we're raising money to make about a hikikomori in London. Check it out and if you want to support us will you post it on your blog?




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Very informative post. I appreciate the links to the Hikikomori's blog and the Murakami essay as well. A truly fascinating and depressing problem in Japan...

Kara Kelly

Hey. I'm doing a paper on hikikomoris for my sociology class, and I was wondering if anyone would like to talk to me.
If you want to talk to me, than email me at [email protected] with the word "hikikomori" somewhere in the tittle.

Unfortunatly I only speak English, so I guess that norrows it down abit.

If you're worried that I won't be able to relate to you. Bear in mind that I have Schizotypal disorder, which is what some hikikomori have also.

Thanks, for reading.


I'm sure hikikomori exist in every conformist society. People often underestimate the pressure to conform and be like everyone else in America, too. I am a hikikomori for the same reasons as the Japanese: I can't keep up in school and I can't stand the social pressure to be "perfect" and "preppy." Hikikomori exist everywhere; they just either don't admit it, or you don't know they're there because of their secretive behaviors.





You are a hikikomori?

Funny, because my name is Hikky. BUt it didn't represent hikikomori though. Hikky in my name represents Hikari, which means light. And surely, my parents must've thought of sumtin wen giving my name when i was a baby. Hikari. Hikky. Hikikomori.





I'm also a hikikomori. I've been avoiding people for almost a year now. Lucky 4 me, I lived with my parents, and they supported my money, food etc.

(what am I doing? Telling evrything to a complete stranger? Aaaah!)

Why don't they understand me? I've told my parents, I don't want to see anyone. Not my friends, teachers or anyone at all. They said I'm being a 'spoiled brat', asking too much of ridiculous things.

The truth is, they don't know that I become a hikikomori is from the result of their actions.

My dad never let me out and communicate with boys at all. In my lifetime, I had never stand near a boy for less than 2 metre distance.

He let me hang out with my friends thrice a year.

He forbids me from staying back after school with my friends.

And I followed exactly what he wants. Every single thing. And yet now he's complaining that I'm stubborn and not listening to what he said.

This is exactly what he wants, right? He wants me to stay away fom other people as often as possible.

Now, I'm just doing what he wants me to, becoming a hikikomori.

Who's fault is it now?

Hikky. Hikikomori. That's one thing.

Hikky. Hikari. That's another thing.

Hikari-light. My dad calls me 'the perfect daughter', because I had never disobeyed any of his orders before.I had never hurt my friends', my teachers' and my parents' feelings. And I'm the shoulder my friends would cry on when they have any problems.

The 'light' among them all.

In fact, I don't have a shoulder to cry on.

Hikari. Hikikomori.

Now? Not just being a hikikomori, from a completely 'A' student, I'm evolved to a complete freak.

Before- Sweet, cheerful, nice, friendly.
Now- Cold, grumpy, quiet, antisocial.

I've had enough. Just enough.



Yours sincerely,


they are all fuc*d up!

i feel like i'm goin 2 b one of the hikki somehow


I know this is like.. a really old post, but anyway.
Hikikomori is, like, only given a name in Japan. In the western society, or even some other asian countries (I have heard that places like China and Korea have the hikikomori issue) that people are just considered 'freaks', and 'social outcasts' rather than having an actual issue or disease/whatever that causes you to withdraw from the social world. I am only fifteen, so don't really listen to me; I'm just a kid ;p. But, yeah. Also, some of the uncertainties for the future may be contributors to "hikki", as choosing even something like next year's subjects, if enough pressure is placed on you, can result in an individual wishing to retreat from the social world to escape the pressure of having to choose subjects, do well at school, do well at sports, and so on. My japanese isn't very good. It's like.. really bad.. xD;;.. But, that 'hikki' site of the guy who is suffering from hikikomori sounds pretty interesting. I have kinda become fascinated about 'hikki' after I have seen this documentary on TV about Japanese Teenage Killers, and a lot of these people were depressed, and, I do not agree with this, but, they were said to be sufferers of hikikomori. If a sufferer from hikikomori has their parents get angry at them, they may become more depressed [suicidal, Columbine High School Massacre; even though that was not fueled by depression, but rather, indiscriminate hatrid], which may prolong the period of time that the sufferer stays secluded from society; if it is not permenant. Another possibility is that if the parents of hikikomori sufferers get angry at the sufferers, they may become angry, supress this anger, and 'explode', so to speak, with rage, attacking their parents in an attempt to eliminate some of their problems - exactly what reclusing to a room is doing.

Parents of hikikomori sufferers may choose to keep the sufferers in their room, leaving it to their own will to escape the clutches of the 'brave new world' [the tempest, read Shakespeare] because if the parents of the sufferers keep aggravating the sufferers, it may lead them to move out of the house for complete isolation, to suicide [to find their 'happy place'], or, again, in violent outbursts. Suicide and Violent Outbursts are things that no parents want, and if the sufferer were to move out, they may die of malnutrition, inability to pay the rent, and so on.

Just my thoughts, anyway. ;d

John Smith

Dear All

I am a Hikkii looking to make contact with other Hikii - whether by email, BBS or whatever.

Unfortunately I speak only English, German and some Vietnamese.

I refused to take part in the rat race as was expected of me because to spend my life in a grey office seemed meaningless to me. My life locked in my room is almost as meaningless, but it's at least the lesser of two evils. I want to meet other Hikii and find out what they want from life.

Please contact me.

John Smith


Hi PiN
Thank you for your comments. It happend not only in Japan, yes right it would be. I understand very well "being alone is comfortable". I feel like that so often. Maybe this sounds strange, without opening my mouth for an hour or more, I feel troublesome to open mouth and say something later. There is no serious reason! I feel just troublesome to talk, but finanly "shutting mouth" such activity makes me dark mood, blue or tired feeling. I wonder some of Hikikomori would feel the same. At first they felt just trouble some to meet someone, and such attitude made them real hikki. There might be no mental issure or annoyance. But in the end, Hikki people need the reason to stay home, the some reason would be attached later...I dont know, I just wondering like that.


I don't live in Japan, but I could say that I'm a hikkii too, for more than a year already. Somethine doesn't really know or care on what time, day, or even month today is. About connection to the outer worl or even fod aren't necessary, that's why we could stay home even if nobody/parents provide those things. But human of course have biological needs, and at those times only, going out is unavoidable.
What's starting it? I don't know myself. It's just getting more, and more comfortable to be alone and stay in one place. Yes, maybe some low self-councious (bondering to self-pity? Not really though) were really one of the biggest factor.
Luckily, my familly & old friends are very forceful and I love them, so when they really need to ge companied when going out and forced me to join, sometimes I'll go... but that also a very rate occation. Otherwise than that, I never go out on my own anymore. The ouside world isn't comfortable to stay too long, is what probably I always think whenever I'm outside.
So usually friends & families are the ones who come to visit here, and only after I run out of excuses to reject their incoming.
Personally I prefer being alone though. Although it doesn't matter if I can't see them, but I do still care about them... It's just that "if they really want/need to see me, then they're the ones who should come" way of thinking is what usually come up. Because being a hikkii makes your sense of time to become numb and it doesn't matter how long you haven't met other, it's always feel like we just met yesterday or not too long ago. But of course the other "normal" people don't feel the same.
I even plan to be able to do some jobs from home. Foods and other stuff can be delivered here. Payment could be done through internet..
*laugh* Somehow this become a testimonial. Sorry.
But surely, not only in Japan that this thing happen. I guess other "hikkii" in other countries just doesn't know that there are many other people like them.
I never even know the term and its meaning until some friends gave me some manga & anime covering this subject. But I already a "hikkii" before i found that out I guess.


Hi, I`m a scholarship student studying now at Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo. I`m writing a report about the phenomenon of hikikomori in Japan(actually, Japan seems to be the only one country where this problem exist on such a large scale)What impress me, people living outside Japan often don`t realize how serious the problem is(it`s not only the case of American or European countries, I`ve tried also to discuss the problem with people from Korea or China).I read some opinions that hikikomori is due to the parents attitude-"If parents don`t provide food or things such as playstation etc for their `hikki`child, the child would finally go out.The parents themselves accept the situation"etc.,while hikikomori is a lot more complicated. Could you please give me some information about web sites, books etc.where I could learn more about the problem? Thank you


Hi Johnny
Thank you for your comments to my blog, Yes I have never heard of this case in other countries.

Hi Robert
Ah I am thinking what is hikki, Like you said everybody has a sort of Hikki part inside himself. So at least 6 months no going out, not independent economically, then his comminication range is limited. Those three conditions would be nessessary.

Hi Orange
I agree. Speaking of me, it is impossible to stay at home even a one day. Ah this is another problem? maybe.


hey, I'd like some of those meds too Orange. o(^_~)0


in our constant pursuit of happiness, it is often necessary to stop, and just be happy.


Yikes!! According to the MoHLaW definition I am borderline Hikkii!!! (o__0) But like everything else fun and interesting, I think Japan is getting it first. This is a social phenomenon, and I dont believe it is abnormal. Rather, it is a perfectly natural reaction to the pressures exerted by modern society. Being more secular than Western society of course makes it easier to be Hikkii...and yeah I know I'm not any sort of social psyche major so take any one of my crackpot theories with a grain, maybe two, of salt, and an aspirin for good measure. I dont claim expertise, but being human I can relate...right? I think the problem is hypersensitivity. How can you love something which is so capable of wounding you? Yet I believe that is at the heart of the paradox. Humanity becomes self aware and realizes at the same time how potentially virulent it is. It's said enlightenment is the search for the soul and humanity has been on that quest ever since we figured out that fire thing. I know it seems I'm drifting hopelessly out of control here, so let me tighten up my reasoning. Like those people who become so sensitive to synthetic materials they have to be isolated in hypoallergenic bubbles, the Hikkii are also sensitive to the artificial values created to further our Industrial, Consumer-driven society. It is easier to create an ideal value system to sit on top and make things comfortable, but once you immerse yourself in the reality of the situation it falls apart. How many people do you know online? How many of those people are EXACTLY the same in real life( no I'm not talking about meeting them for a five minute coffee..it's easy to maintain that little facade for five minutes..but what about days or years later?)? See sometimes reality can disappoint us. Of course that is only because we project, but then if you think about it, that's what makes being a Hikkii so palatable. You have complete control over your environment. Even disparaging words become your own conscience trying to instill a sense of balance..which of course is a myth because no matter how much you try, balance cant be achieved until you understand where the reality bubble is on the level. I think the violence comes in from being disconnected, reality is in constant conflict and threatens to alter the ideal. I know when I am painting, or otherwise involved with the act of creation I get moody if someone interrupts me (depending on when I last ate of course..so maybe diet plays a factor). It's a matter of resolving focus..perhaps? Naturally I dont think it is a suitable method for resolving anything, all violence does is cause us to realize our own shortcomings and ruin the quality of our life. But it's a possible side-effect because we are dealing with a interpretive value. It's a concept based solely on conditioning and our perception or interpretation of what we actually thought was implied. Perception is a funny thing. This world is a crazy ride, and sometimes it's easier to make a "happy place" and sequester ourselves than take the chance of being totally disillusioned and suicidal..or in complete denial. Finding your place in a maelstrom is tough unless you're an electron. And even those guys go astray sometimes. I dont know.. I'm climbing off my soapbox now, because I know closet intellectualism is best in small doses and tight corners. But I think this is an interesting topic and it is something we will all have to understand eventually. In the meantime Hikkii's of the world unite!
( now is that irony?). I know, I know, dont quit my day job.

jonny taise

hey. interesting journal entry. i saw a documentary on hikki here in australia last year. it was quite good- they focused on about 3-4 different people who suffer from this, and were, in a couple of cases, able to talk to the people themselves and get some information from those who suffer from it directly, not second hand. the parents whose children (the hikki sufferers in this doco were all from the ages of about 18 to late 20s) have this affliction were also interviewed. it must be so hard for these parents to watch their children go through this, and a lot of the time, the parents don't even know why their kids lock themselves away.
the director found that the parents were not initially hard enough on their children when they first developed signs of hikki. he talked to a pshychiatrist, who was adamant that if the parents kicked their kids asses early on, the hikki wouldn't last long.
are there any cases of this type of behaviour occuring anywhere else in the world on a large scale?

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