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Wednesday, March 16, 2005



Cost of living is still so high in Japan.

In Singapore, you can get tonkatsu or (don buri?) from a well patronised hawker stall near my office (i.e. in the business district) for only S$3.80 (or S$3.50 if you don't want the cup of miso soup). That is about 235 yen ?


ebi burger?? Yes that is great, I wish you could try it!!

Hi Cecile
Yes that is right. I am hand made obento person, becuase not only economical reason, I have to be tired of taste of restaurant meals.

Hi Kawika
Usually people has two days off in a week, so 22 days work in a month would be average. We have Settai ( sponcered dinner with client ) system still now. But budget would be down so much. Before we paid taxi for client to go back home.

Hi robert
No food price has got down so much. It was hard to find 500 yen lunch in bubble.


thank goodness for combini.
why is food so high when wages are so low? why do we pay for it? I want to make a postcard with a giant middle finger on it and send it to every greedy corporation on the planet. come on you jerks, you have enough money, cut us honest types a break already! Dont make me go Pirates of the Caribbean on you. Yo ho Yo ho!! Miaha ha!


Aloha Mari san,

Do sarariman work 30 days each month? Perhaps not... If the sarariman gets $350/month and works 6 days a week then for an average month of 24 work days he gets $350/24 =~ $14.60 per day. Not a princely salary but easily enough for an adequate lunch and a few beers later. And what happened to the company sponsored evenings with clients? Has that disappeared with the bubble? Last time I was in Kobe and Tokyo (last year Fall) I saw no shortage of such entertainment going on... So it's clear that wife sponsored dining is on the decline but what about the rest of it? Inquiring minds want to know...;)


i like mos burger but 1000 yen is quite expensive. in my visits to tokyo i've found that the prices are a bit extreme. lunch can set you back anywhere between 500 yen to 5,000 yen easily. actually, i think i can live with bento boxes most of the time as long as its something different every once in awhile.


By the way, I checked out MOS's website and the ebi burger looks oishii!!!


Man..1000 yen for a burger is pretty steep!!! Is that a combo meal with fries and soda?

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