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Thursday, March 03, 2005


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Drink as much water as you can possibly stomach, and then drink another glass or two. Drink lots and lots and lots of water.In the morning when you wake up, take some more pain killers. And drink caffeine. Herbal tea is usually ncaffeinated


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I don't go out to drink the hard stuff much anymore (past favorites include Jagermeister, rum, scotch, and vodka), but when I do, I've found nothing beats a Bloody Mary mixed with Tabasco sauce for a bad hangover. As we say here, "Some of the hair of the coyote that bit you." Repeat as needed.

If my stomach is up for it, then it's either International House of Pancakes (IHOP for short) if I am home, or the nearest Denny's I can find if I wake up somewhere else. I order orange juice, coffee in small quantities, an omlette with ham and all the veggies (I put a little Tabasco on it), and a side of buttered sourdough toast.

All of this is preceeded by at least 2 ice cold glasses of water, a very hot shower, and a fresh change of clothes.


hi there
aspirin and saltwater with lemon is the strategy in switzerland. eastereurope is a bit ruffer though. have 2 vodka shots and a beer to kill the hangover.


Here in Brew York , I normally drop two tabs of Advil and rest.


Hi johannes

Yeah, it will work. It sounds to make my stmach fresh.


hello mari!
in germany people eat rollmops.

thats pickeled fish with a tiny bit of cucumber inside.
its sour and salty. if helps?
is very popular : D


Hi Andrea
Oh really I take VitaminC everyday as a health geek, I can not miss it :-).

Hi Gwen
Ah yes, it has not set as our national holiday, I heard gay people celebrate as a joke.

Hi Charles
Hmm breathe deeply and get some oxygen in your system. Interesting. Since Japanese are not so nervous for drank outside, in public. The problem is I can remember this methon when I drank....

Hi Ivan
Sounds like, take a fat and salt. It would be good if I can eat.

Hi abraxis
Pocali Sweat! that works very well. I agree.

Andrea Raviglione

vitamin C pills are very good for hangover: a good friend who studied chemistry suggested that to me (more in need than him..). take 3-4 pills the day after! it works.. also against flu! :)


Ha ha ... I was playing Final Fantasy XI and they are celebrating hina maturi also ^^ And someone said 3/3 is for girls, 5/5 is kodomo no hi for boys, and then .... 4/4 is for ... gay? That was so funny I thought ^^


A long time ago, a friend of mine got ahold of a book about "The Drinking Diet" which claimed to show how you could drink a LOT and not get a hangover. So we decided to test it. The trick is, you have to deal with your hangover the night BEFORE you get it, while you're drinking. Here's how the process worked.
Start the night with large doses of Vitamin B12 and B Complex. Drink what you want (except gin), drink as much as you want, but don't mix drinks, pick one drink and stick with it. Breathe pure oxygen if you have access to a tank of it. Before sleeping, drink extra water and eat some food with high carbohydrates and fat (a bologna sandwich, for example).
I was surprised, it really worked! I never drank so much in my life and I never suffered a bit. But the oxygen tank was a bit of trouble. I think the basic plan is to take supplements that aid the liver in breaking down alcohol, which includes oxygen, vitamins, nutrients, and water. I've never done that full regimen again, but I did learn one valuable lesson: if you're getting too drunk, breathe deeply and get some oxygen in your system, it helps a lot.

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