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Saturday, March 19, 2005



oh man! Mari

those cake buffet pictures just blew me away ;)
amazing. they have just the effect you described

have a nice day


Hi Robert
You like Ramen?? If you visit Fukuoka, Fukuoka ramen has kaedama system. It means if you do not drink all soup, you can order only noodle more. Usually only Fukuoka Tonkotsu ramen has this system. Anyway we have all you can drink place. But they have only cheap sake. That is the problem.


mmmhmmm!! now this was a delicious article! Personally I'm still looking for the "ALL YOU CAN EAT RAMEN" house... I would show up with a bib and a funnel. I heard Hokkaido has some of that YUMMY buttered corn ramen..with the pork and seaweed *drool*..oh it's past lunch time.. no wonder I'm totally obsessing about food right now. hmmmm what about "All You Can Drink"? ( I would hate to see the bathroom in one of those places..if they exist)

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