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Friday, March 18, 2005


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There are two insults no human being will endure: that he has no sense of humour, and that he has never known troubles.

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There is no conversation more boring that the one where everybody agrees.


Vote for the man who promises least - he'll be least disappointing.


Individuality is either the mark of genius or the reverse. Mediocrity finds safety in standardization.


Nobody should go into politics unless he has a hide like a rhinoceros.


these song is claa :D.. am in school .. and my class m8ts r singin it :P

s-a asfaltat str.Actorului


Incep prin a ma scuza...am dat accidental de numele tau si-mi aminteste de o fosta colega de la Arte Plastice din Cluj. Eu ma numesc Falup Alexandrina. Iti spune ceva?

オリジナル tシャツ

It is quite funny :-)

オリジナル tシャツ

I like the variety of characters and I thought the "my ear feels" was nicely executed, though it didn't have the manic feel of the other flash bits. :-) Andi from T-shirtA shop Shirtcity :-)


In my opinion, "Tei" could rather be the "Tei" quarter - 'machi' of Bucharest. It makes more sense to me, since the rest of the song is not placed in an Eminescu style of romantic setup involving also a moon and lake and everything, but instead more like takes place over phone.

What is it that makes music great?

Listening for the first time O-Zone's hit, I was struck by its unexpected musical turns and lack of repetitivity, which evoke a fine brocade of transcendental complexity...


I am not confident of English.
However, I think in this way.
In ignorance for my English, people of an English area laugh.
I am happy. (;-;)


Hi Claire
oh oh I can not see that link, why? Robert could see it right? why? ahhh mitai!!!

Hi Shi
Thank you for letting me link your site.

Hi Simina
Hello how are you doing? Ah you know it made big hit in Europe. Yes I can not understand why this song made it. Sound so old song to me. he he he

Hi Robert
Ah you like mona, since mona has no copy right. ( one stupid company tried to get it and all 2 channelers got angry to them. ) you can make anything with mona. It would be interesting mona in American art.


it is disturbing how catchy that tune is. I've only just recovered from a Miahi induced coma. I dont think I'll venture to Yatta-land, Qoo...if it is anything similar I will be out of commission for the month. So apparently not just vampires to fear from Romania, but catchy pop tunes. noted. In the meantime Mona has never looked so lovely as being totally out of control! Heh I want to make a t-shirt with some of those crazy scenes! and the link that Claire gave (which I culled from one of the other blogs mentioned as well) is funny too.. I like the variety of characters and I thought the "my ear feels" was nicely executed, though it didn't have the manic feel of the other flash bits. The large guy dancing gave me bad dreams..and overall Mari, I can say this entry has been a glimpse at the fiendish nature which lurks beneath that cool, happy facade. You got us. We just clicked links like we always do..and you Miahiheehaahaaahaad us so that now we are hypnotized and await your bidding.
Hmm I want to start writing songs that purposely sound like they are in Japanese...maybe nonsense in English, but if it sounds like a sentence in Nihongo..does that make me like a native speaker?


hello again
(i once mailed you about yufuin bath)
though I am a little ashamed that the first piece of music to become wellknown in the rest of the world had to be this silly, bad "dragostea din tei"
i just wanted to say that O-zone is from Romania (Romania is a small country in east Europe and its counties are: Transylvania, Moldova, Banat, Tara Romaneasca and Dobrogea). Now they may be from the county Moldova but not from the COUNTRY moldova which is a now independent country -once under the russians- but yet it is another country.

Anyway as i am very much in love with Japan since i was very young and since i do love my own native language too, i feel sorry that those who try to translate or understand the lyrics of that song may think that it actualy IS something to understand :-)

I promise it is only a piece of nonsense, no, sorry, nonsense poetry is funny, this is a piece of garbage.

Still i can understand why so many people (i read somewhere that it was the gay people´s favourite in Stockholm last summer) jump up and dance when they hear that song.

And the title means the love from the lime tree not under :))

we have an old story about a very beautiful girl which lives in a lime tree and only comes out when everybody is sleeping, could it be that??? i don´t know

with my deepest respect for you Mari, i feel that you are a very kind soul.

Simina Astilean
born in Transylvania, Romania

and yes, i teach anybody romanian :) or trasnlate bad songs :)))



Claire (クレア)

http://ikari0310.hp.infoseek.co.jp/flash/maiyahi.swf is pretty funny, the soramimi is somewhat like the the soramimi some American did to the song "Yatta": http://web.mit.edu/patil/www/media/video/yatta%20(economy).swf
(In case you are wondering, Ash is the American name for a character on the Pokemon TV show.) So this might make Japanese people laugh about how badly we hear Japanese music! ha ha ha!

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