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Saturday, March 05, 2005


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Hi Kento
Yes I know zest and sometimes I went there, but recently my boom is taco and burrito at home. I use tofu insted of meat. this is nice.

And I heard cafe news. I like coffee, but I am not picky for taste, actually nestlecafe gold breand is okay. However I care the place. I want to relax with coffee. at that point. Starbuck is too crowded, and dotor too small.


incidentally, last time i stayed at the westin ebisu, my gaijin friends would dine at the zest cantina to satisfy thier american tastes...something i found atrocious since i've always been a morton's kinda guy for steaks and zest made sizzler sound good. i always wanted to try that mexican place next to kinko's but never got up the nerve thinking mexican is one food that just cannot benefit from a japanese palate. americanization maybe, japanization, never. ever try it?


ha. this reminds me of a conversation i was having the other day lamenting the loss of the neighborhood kisaten. i was just mentioning how in the past there used to be the neighborhood kissaten on every block, each with it's unique character and clientele. now, following it's stateside playbook of opening across the street from a thriving beatnik/student run coffee house with it's poetry readings and comfy couches are the well lit high volume assembly line business models of the starbucks and excelsiors sprouting up everywhere in tokyo.

funny thing is that at excelsior's parent company, doutor, profits were begining to sag until the introduction of starbucks in japan. suddenly coffee was cool again and doutor followed the starbucks mold and opened excelsior, complete with it's white logo over starbucks green.

firmly ingrained in the coffee culture, starbucks has become as welcome sight to my eyes throughout the world from bangkok to kansas.


MOS Burger in Singapore doesn't have the interesting items mentioned by Mari.

Why would anyone want to eat MacDonald's in Japan when they can eat Yoshinoya or MOS Burger ?


I was in Hong Kong last year and had Shogun Burger from Mickey D's once a day!! It is basically regular burger covered in Teriyaki sauce and dress with shredded lettuce!


Hi abraxis
I love Mexican food. I tried to make Taco yestereday actually. I wish I could eat as much as I can. I head it is very cheap in the U.S


Hmmm. If you ever make it out to California, you've gotta visit In and Out! Mmmmmmmm. http://www.inandout.com/

Fresh meat and veggies. Never frozen. Yum! If I ever move to Tokyo (which I'm considering), this is one of the tastes of home that I'd sorely miss.

That and good Mexican food! Every expat I know from Cali misses that...

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