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Saturday, March 12, 2005



Thank you Bjorn. That imformation is really nice for foreign people who read this site. I appriciate your comment!


For anyone interested:
I found the link on the Expo website saying that for foreign visitors there are regular lotteries to get entry:
So it may not be too late to see the house from inside - and find some shy susuwatari (those black sootballs).
I just imagine they also hire some students who dress up in Totoro costume bouncing through the forest. Anyway, it should be fun!


The admission tickets for the house sold out already? For the whole year? Oh no! I was already looking forward to visiting.
Yes, I liked the Studio Ghibli Museum a lot, but for anyone visiting, it's necessary to book tickets many weeks in advance - on the other hand, it's not too crowded inside.

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