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Tuesday, March 29, 2005



heh..I dont know if such a list exists for the US..I just used Wikipedia for reference and made up my own line of BS...heh heh..gomen. my oyajiness is showing itself again.


Hi Nina
Yes April is the new month for everything. And we Japanese feel as if cherry bloossom celebrate us. It is not only beautiful, a kind of symbolic flower for new and happy spring.

Hi Huang
Thank you. I am very happy you like this post!

Hi robert
Wow! The U.S has the same kind of release? Or you made them all? Anyway very interesting. I show this some my friends.

Hi Claire
Yes Robert gave us. Appearently it is different from Japanese.


April is the month for starting a new life? That´s kinda funny. I just wrote on my blog that I recently started a lot of things or better *renewed* a lot of things and that it was like a new beginning. :)


The classification is so amusing ! ^-^


in 1973: it was the "Skylab Man" he seemed ambitious and idealistic, but seemed doomed to burn out in the not too distant future. The cause of this was later discovered to be disco.

in 1985: it was the "New Coke Man" a big disappointment to those who loved the more classic taste. He offered no alternatives at first. It was his way, or Pepsi, which had been proven volatile in a commercial just a year earlier. It was the threat of flammable colas that prompted Howard Shultz to open the first Starbucks that very same year(1984).

in 1994 it was "Mr Red Hat" more stable than some of his predecessors he is not as prone to peeking through windows.

2001 was I-Pod type. stylish and compact you could take him and his extensive musical capacity anywhere, he could be the apple of your I.

2003 was "Mr Reloaded"..or was it "Revolutions"? Flashy, full of energy and false promises, but ultimately disappointing. We have this guy to thank for the rise of Vin Diesel and 70's TV show big screen remakes.

2004 is a parallel of sorts it is "Mr I-Paid-$28,000(USD)-for-a-10-year-old-grilled-cheese-sandwich!" the type to spend extravagant amounts on some desperate concept of salvation, this type enjoys the novelty of an expendable income and a lack of good sense. An epicurean epic of themed foods for the fanatic became the trademark for this type.

2005 is "Mr E" for online Entertainment! His blog features an inline laugh track and he peppers the comment section of his peers with remarks that he believes to be humorous, or kitschy beware of this one. He usually signs his comments ®rz.

~®rz ®yaji StYl3z!

Claire (クレア)

ha ha ha! I wonder what these types would be for USA men?

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