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Thursday, March 24, 2005



I want to buy a small japanese ore chinese mobile phone.I live in italy but i dont know what tipes of mobiles do you have.


Hi abraxis
Yes they have pretty good servie. Cheaper than docomo.
Ah I do not like moto, Nokia, that design boring.

Hi Gio
Yes Italian people would like such a good design stuff. Talby is also light weight.

Hi Claire
You have still that?? Okay please keep it. I think it is hard to find it someone who have it now.

Yes, sometime my freids are suprised my mail is so short.


AU has nice phones...do they have good service?


Hiya Claire!

Yah, there's a lot of LG/Samsung phones on the GSM networks here too. But they are the majority on the CDMA networks (Sprint, Verizon) because they're CDMA, just like South Korea.

They have a lot of GSM models here too but they have competition from Moto, SE and Nokia. I've got an SE T637 here running on Cingular GSM.

Of course, many of these are "last year's" models compared to the ones you can purchase today in Hong Kong or Singapore.

I'd like to be in a position (over there) when I can actually pick up a Talby or Penck but I'm stuck over here with my SE phone and Cingular service in Cali...


...if you consider that after all it's just a phone, isn't it surprising a so huge number of different models? Dunno...maybe it's because I've got a company mobile phone and everytime it rings I think "please, hope this is not a call to inform me about some problem at work"...
Anyhow my vote for the Talby, just cool design!

Claire (クレア)

I looked at the link page and scanned the DoCoMo, au, and Vodafone models.

Most of the DoCoMo phones are really boring and look like the phones we have here in the US, but there are more features on the network to compensate. The au phones are a lot nicer than Vodafone's!

So, I'm sitting here, looking at my Vodafone prepaid keitai, and wishing I were in Japan, looking at these really nice keitai instead. 懐かしいでしょ.....

To Abraxas: It's mostly cheap Samsung and LG phones on the GSM networks, too, unless you have a Motorola Razr.


Waaah! I like the AU phones.

Nice industrial design. The Penck is cool (multi-media phone?) and the Talby is neat looking too.

Here in the US, it's mostly cheap Samsung and LG phones on our CDMA networks. Our GSM networks get "new" phones at least a year later than the rest of the world gets them.

Of course by that time our "new" phones aren't new anymore...


I will definitely keep the txt msg short!

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