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Friday, March 04, 2005


hogan scarpe

Oslo, Norvegia, gli edifici del hogan scarpe governo norvegese, vicino al centro di 22 ora locale una grande esplosione. Poco dopo, circa 40 chilometri a ovest di Oslo, l'incidente sparando i., un killer travestiti da agenti di polizia dopo l'atterraggio hogan scarpe improvviso nel Partito laburista norvegese campeggiatori estivi della Gioventù campo League colpo.


Hi Robert
you are so funny.

Hi Bjorn
yes sorry mark is good to show my apology.
When I aplogize, generalization is better :-).

Hi Gwen
Yes, I don't know shock mark is well "not clear", you know not complaing, not angry, we don't need to say but, still we can show our uneasy feeling. Typical Japanese way. ha ha ha


me?.. I LOVE emoticons..in case nobody's figured that out yet. heh heh heh.


Hi Mari,
I found it funny that even emoticons in Japan are
cute! My favourite one is

(someone bowing deeply to apologize 'gomennasai...')

I don't like to use them a lot either, but there you go




(゜ロ ゜)
In the game, I always see Japanese people using this, when shock or for just to put a funny face ^^;

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