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Tuesday, April 12, 2005



I associate those kinds of coloured houses with certain European countries...
In North America, it's quite rare and eccentric. Actually, I see more brightly-coloured houses in Japan than I ever did in Canada.
In fact, in some cities there are city laws against brightly-coloured houses. In my town, you were only allowed by law to paint your house one of three colours: White, light grey, or light beige. Very boring. Usually I don't like gaudy colours, but I like those houses because they're so different.


Recently I am enjoying to watch Google map which show me satelite good picture. It is very intereting. And I could find, Most of American house and building have white, grey, brown, orange roof. What do you think? I could not find green or pink house yet.

Hi Gwen and Haung
Yes I like her challenge too! I will pick Yakiimo as food I need to hate it.


I like food topics too !


I like food topic \(^ ^)/

In the USA, some people paint their house these colors but it is not a popular thing to do. Paint is not very expensive but other things such as furniture, draperies/curtains, carpeting, flowers and many other little things are difficult and expensive to match color with the inexpensive paint.

Such strange colors as "Bill Gates" decrease the value of the home. Neighbors also do not approve. Natural colors or very light colors are more popular.

Here is an example:
When my friend told me his wife painted one inside room a dark, strong color I laughed and told him his wife would soon want to purchase new carpet and new furniture. My prediction came true 3 weeks later.

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