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Friday, April 15, 2005



For western guys, I like Pierce Brosnan and Richard Gere.


Hi Haung
Yes before he acts as pilot. this spring he is F3000 drivers of car race. Takeshi Kaneshiro will be in list of best 50? :-)

Hi Robert
Your so funny. I have to admist, when Degawa appear on my monitor I change channel. ( it hardly happend because I do not watch such type of program he appears....no no hardly watch TV show actually).

Hi Gwen
You like Kusanagi? Your like Japanese guys more than American! Interesting. Rare person kamo! For me Brad Pitt, Orland bloom are handsome most. :-)


Did Kimutaku-san act as a pilot in a Jap drama ?
How come Takeshi Kaneshiro didn't make it to the list ? :(


damn. I missed making the list again? hmmm what about Koizumi?.. I heard he's on China's list. Or was it Russia's? South Korea's? Oh my Oyajiness is showing itself. If I'm not careful I'll end up on the "worst" list...maybe I'll even topple Degawa-san. heh heh..maybe not. in any case Tokio-kun is giving me a dirty look so I'll behave now. thank you for the special thanks..but I hardly feel I deserve it. You're the one doing all the hard work. I just do a little spit shine here and there. (¹_¹)


:O Because Kusanagi is so hot. I always liked him more than other members ... >< because of his cheekbones I think he is sexy ho ho ho ... I like Japanese guys more than American celebrities, because they somehow look more "cool"? :)

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