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Thursday, April 21, 2005


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Krispy Kreme is good, especially the plain glazed donuts. I can get them at a Quick Trip store near my apartment. I can see what people like them so much.

If I have a choice though, I'd much rather have Winchell's donuts. I get them when ever I am in California or Oregon on vacation. They're good for breakfast with a hot cup of coffee!


Hi cecile
Rose flavored??? It sounds delicous. I love rose flavored icecream very much.

Hi Alex
Empty. Really well I suppose Japanese have so much negative image for doughnut.
So I don't think it can be popular like starbuck unfortunately.

Hi Charles
lard and fat.! Hmm it makes me take distacne from Doughnuts.

Hi Joe
Yes I know Krispy Kreme is hotter than Doughnut plant actually.
But it did not come to Japan yet.

Hi abraxis
Kirspy Kreme that is what I want to try most in the U.S just right now.

Italian Zappole and the French Beignet.?! I want to try them!!

Hi Jonny Angel.
Yes theyare so dry, We say pasa pasa in japanese.

Hi Tokio kun
はい、ブログしたよ。 かわいいコメントだね。


ooh, i heard donut plant also has a rose flavored one in NY that's really good. yummy! im a donut fan, i love krispy kreme and the one i can get from the local starbucks here.
i haven't tried the donuts in tokyo but someone told me that mister donut there is not bad. the ones here are really not good. =)
have fun eating!


I stopped by the Donut Plant shop in Otemachi yesterday. I had read some about the donuts elsewhere and reading the post here reminded me I had wanted to check them out.

I arrived at the shop around 2:00 in the afternoon, I think. They had plenty of donuts and buns: the only type that had sold out so far was key lime. It's a small shop, barely more than a counter, donut storage area, and some coffee equipment. They must bake their donuts somewhere else and transport them to the store.

The shop was completely emtpy when I arrived. One couple showed up later, as I was eating. A few people also dropped by to pick up to-go orders.

I had the Valrhona Chocolate donut. It wasn't bad. Certainly the least sweet, least greasy donut I've had. But it didn't have a substantial chocolate flavor... or much else. I may have been better served by one of their jelly donuts.

It was interesting but not worth the special trip, in my opinion. I had tried to find them in the Dean and Deluca shop in Shibuya (they are sold there according to the Donut Plant webpage) but didn't see them.


Cider is not made from rotting apples. That's like saying wine is made from rotting grapes.

But donuts are made from lard and fat.


Krispy Kreme.. by far.. da best.. ehuehuehu...
can't beat glazed donuts and a cup of coffee in the morning.. too bad nobody has yet come up w/ 0 calorie donut.. damn..


Hmmmm. Will have to try these when I'm in Tokyo or New York...

My fave is still Krispy Kreme. Krispy Kremes rock!
Although some people, for some odd reason, like Dunkin Donuts...



Many people in the USA like donuts. Children and young adults like very sweet kinds of donuts. Older people do not like sweets so much. If the donut bread is made with good ingredients, no extra sugar is needed.

Donuts have lots of calories! When I was 25, I could eat 2 or 3 donuts and not get fat. Now I work in an office and only eat maybe 1 sweet bread food each week.

I have always liked ホームカット more than other kinds. Donuts are very good with coffee. You can dip the donut into coffee but not for too long!

In the USA, a good treat in October and November is シナモン donut with hot apple cider. Apple cider is made by pressing juice out of rotting apples. It sounds strange but is very good.



Azianbrewer lives in NYC and have tried the place where square jelly donuts are sold. Nothing really special besides the jelly $2.50 US for a huge donut. I am not sure if Mr. Donut is sweeter than Krispy Kreme. For some reason I just don't dig their teeth melting frosting. I think the two best "donuts" are the Italian Zappole and the French Beignet.

Jonny Angel

I agree Mr. Donut donuts are dry, but it was nice to have them conveniently located in so many places. Especially in the subway station on the way home from work... ;-)

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