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Monday, April 04, 2005


Claire (クレア)

Hi, Mari-san--

I have been to Maruzen in Kyoto, Osaka, Narita Kukou, but none of them have the many-cornered eraser. Maruzen is a 本屋 but they usually have a good 事務用品 floor and one floor is 外国語の本. That floor has a good selection of Japanese language-learning books, so I go there often when I am in Japan. The Narita Kukou store is very small, it is more like a コンビニ!

US notebook PC USB ports are so crowded together, it would be very hard to use an Ebi fry or okonomiyaki flash memory and another thing like a mouse without needing an extender cable (at least in the 3 different PCs I have had in my job in the past year and a half).

I think I will stick to the cheap, thin "Verbatim Store'n'Go" 512Mb USB 2 card I got for USD24.99. It isn't cute, but you can make half of it password-protected, and it is only about 5mm thick. It isn't cool, but it is very convenient and cheap.


Hi Gwen
seeing itself is good but stick on your PC is really strange.

Hi Gio
How about swinging tail?

Hi Claire
Hmm maruzen! Where it is? You can buy Japanese stuff there? But I can imagine easily their choice is not so good, too conservative and old fashion.

Abi fly. it is not tempra. Nagoya People think Ebi fly is Gochiso! I don't know why.


The sushi and takoyaki usb is so cute! But if I used it for my PC I would get hungry everytime >< so no. I can't buy it!


they are just cool! If I don't get wrong there should exist also an USB refreshing fan and a USB Xmas tree (and maybe...a USB vibrator, so I was told ^_^)

Claire (クレア)

I love that eraser with many corners, but I have never been able to find it. I have looked in Maruzen, Loft and other places, but nobody seems to have it. That is the kind of eraser that I need! About the only time when I am not using a PC is in Japanese class, so I could use such an eraser...間違いたくさんがしています! I also like the Pentool, although it is more useful than funny. I like gadgets...


Okonomiyaki USB??? Cool concept just don't mistaken for the real thing. For more capacity check out the Ebi tempura memory stick.

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