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Thursday, April 07, 2005


Hi robert
In Seatlle there are many good Japanese food shop?

In Japan, Miso is basically special ramen of Hokkaido, Tokyo's ramen is Soya sauce base soup.

Hi Gwen
Hmm Sooner or later ramen would be popular? I never heard someone who say I don't like ramen.

Hi huang
I like soya sauce base. Miso is heavy to me.

Hi abraxis
Yes, I hope you can enjoy Ramen in Japan soon!!


hey abraxis, if you drive down to Sunnyvale/Mt View Area there is a pretty decent ramen house. I dont recall the name of it at present, but I bet I could find out the name if you are interested. on the miso/shoyu debate I have to say I am split. I think it depends on what kind of appetizer/beer I have. I like to have some kimchee handy too. I dont know why, but it seems to bring out the flavors of the ramen if you have a bite every once in awhile. I am grateful there are only a couple of really good ramen houses here, or I doubt I would ever have the chance to try some of the other good restaurants in this city....I would be slurping noodles all the way into debt. So once or twice a month I'll get out to enjoy it. Not frequent enough, but kind of like a dietary vacation.


Yes, Miso based is better than Shoyu in my book. I like my ramen simple, several slices of pork, chopped up scallion and some shredded bamboo shoot. Add a plate of gyoza along with a bottle of Kitachino Weizen (beer)and I am in heaven. By the way, is that true that Kyushu is know for a special type of ramen with spicy soup based? Or is it some kind of wicked invention here in the States or other part of Asia?


Do you know >_< a lot of American people classify ANY type of instant noodle as Ramen? I tried to tell them that not all packet noodle is ramen, but they don't understand. *sigh*


I prefer the miso based soup stock to the shoyu ones. If only there were authentic ramen specialty shops in Singapore :(


MMMMMmmm! Some of my best travel food memories are from little hole in the wall ramen stands in different parts of Japan!

Glad to see NYC is learning about the greatness of ramen. In HKG, Causeway Bay is ramen central with a new Ramen Alley and lots o' ramen shops. LAX has an entire block of ramen shops in Little Tokyo.

In San Francisco, land of "diversity", we have a grand total of 5 (five) ramen shops. For the ENTIRE CITY! And they're mediocre at best! No perfect soft boiled eggs, the cha siu is too tough (cuz they use "lean" cuts for Amerika-jin tastes) and they use too much filler (bean sprouts) in the bowl.

Gosh I miss Tokyo...

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