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Friday, April 29, 2005



Hi cecile
You are kneen, yes season and food related so tightly I think. Now it is good season to eat Bamboo now.

Hi Charles
Really, always Japanese want to know what is your mom's cooking. ha ha ha

Fried Mars Bar?! It might be over 1500 calories.

Hi Joe
I visit mom every two weeks, because I miss her cook most he he he

Hi huang
I love Korean food, how many time did I tell you? I really love it!! Thank you for recipe always. Anyway :-)
it means Gobo?? Yes i love it!


Deja vu indeed !

I'm reminded that quite a number of my Singaporean friends were crazy over a Korean soup containing potatoes. Is it an Asian thing or what ?

Here's the link to a recipe for Korean spicy chicken and potato stew http://kr.blog.yahoo.com/huangsy88/1242859.html

One of friends once confessed that she has aged and realised that when she acquired a liking for bitter gourd (cooked with pork ribs and black salted soya beans), which she used to hate.

Mari, do you eat bitter gourd ?


OMG ! If Charles had not pointed it out, I wouldn't have realised that the bunny finally wrote something.

If only tokiokun would work over at my blog.


hhmm.. i miss my mom cooking.. haven't been home for 2 years now.. maybe someday scientist can figure out the secret behind mom's cooking.. and put it in a small sachet then sell it for 50 cents.. wait.. they already did.. it's ajinomoto.. hehehe.. =P
mari.. isn't ajinomoto some sort of MSG?


Ma used to make some killer(awesome) fried pork chops!!!! People would dip anything in batter and fried them. The Scot like to fry up their Mars candy bar.


Ha.. you remind me of something that happened almost exactly a year ago. I was visiting Yasukuni Jinja during a festival, I was waiting around for the events to start, so I stopped at the food stalls and bought some ramen. While I was sitting at a table eating, a young man dressed in a suit and tie came up to me and asked if I wouldn't mind answering a survey for his class at Todai.
He asked me, when I think of my Mom's cooking, what kinds of food do I remember, and what kinds of foods she made did I really like? I thought a long time, and then I told him, my mom was a pretty bad cook, and I couldn't think of ANY food she made that I especially liked.

BTW, isn't that cute how tokiokun writes a little message once in a while?


i think people here tend to eat fried food from their toddler years up to old age. people here arent very health conscious that's why.

for some unknown reason, whenever i think of countries with four seasons, i feel that they are able to remember more things clearly.

just when you mentioned having different types of favorite foods while growing up, i think memories are more colorful when you say "i used to eat pizza a lot when i was young, blah blah" instead of "i've been eating fried food all my life". hehe. Am I making sense?
Probably not. =)



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