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Thursday, April 14, 2005


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friend,it's my first time to come to your belong,but i was deeply inpressed by it.


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in april i can begin with monster in holland. (now reading 20est century boys)

nina foertnerr

4 me, MONSTER is the best manga series i've ever read. so I can't wait 2 c the movie..


Hi Small Blue Thing
Your name sounds nice, anyway I did not know it is possible to read in Spain. suprising.

Hi TronDD
Monster is okay to me, personally I enjoyed Moster Keaton more. I heard 20th is better than Monster.

Small Blue Thing

I read "Monster" here in Spain some time ago. It's really a nice reading. Hope the American Guys will make their work as it deserves!

Blue Thing


I read the "Monster" manga. It is a very good story and one that people not familiar with or a fan of Japanese manga or animation could easily enjoy.

I keep meaning to read "20th Century Boys" but can't find the time.

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